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Miracle of Jesus in EAMCET Exams

I have completed my 12th standard and I was preparing for EAMCET. This exam is very important for me, but I was not getting interested to read. I tried very hard to concentrate on studies. But I couldn’t. I didn’t prepare for EAMCET the last two years, and I didn’t feel that one month is enough to score good marks. But it is very important for me to get top rank and get free admission in top engineering college. But the time is very little, and I don’t like doing bits and solving problems. This was my toughest task. I am not getting interested to read but I want top rank.

In EAMCET there are no negative marks, we can bubble any option. So, I asked God,

“Lord, even though I am not preparing for the exam I have to get more marks than those who prepared for the exam.”

But I was not sure that what I was doing is right or wrong. Many questions moving in my mind. I asked lord to correct me if I am wrong. I asked God to clarify me that what I was doing is right. When I was reading Bible, many verses struck my mind, and they all tell that I am right. But still I was not sure. I prayed and prayed and asked God to answer me. Then I got a verse in the Bible Matthew 19:26

“With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.”

That’s all!! I got my answer. I was very strengthened by this word. I was filled in my spirit. I was full of joy.

Whenever my mom told me to read for the exam, I used to read Bible. I was very desperate for the word of God. One day I heard some words by which I got fear in my heart for my future. I was very afraid what’s gonna happen in my life. Then I went into my room, shut the door and started asking God that what he wants to tell me at this situation, and I started reading the Bible. And he talked to me by the verse, Isaiah 37:6

“Be not afraid by the words thou heardest.”

I was very happy that God answered my prayers and talked to me the times this had happened. When I am afraid, he says FEAR NOT. If I doubt him, he says there is nothing impossible for me. When I asked him to end my intermediate in a great way, he answered me saying

“I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, The beginning and the end.”

When I was worrying for my exam, he answered me saying, Proverbs 21:1

“The king’s (valuater) heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water he turneth it whithersoever”.

I was very much touched by this word.

One month passed like this. And I didn’t even read anything. Now, the day of my exam has come. I woke up early in the morning read the Bible, prayed to God to sit beside me throughout the exam and show me the right option to bubble. And he said to me,

“You will be fruitful in every good work you do. Colossians 1:10.”

Then I attended my exam. I returned home. My parents asked me how the exam? I replied to them that it was good even when I don’t know that the answers that I attempted were correct or not. I was praying to God all the days till my results to give me top rank in EAMCET and to let only his will to happen in my life. I repeated word I had faith that my god will not allow anything happen bad in my life.

Now, time for results. Everyone is eagerly waiting for my results, family friends, neighbours, relatives, etc. I was again praying to lord. And I thought if I got less marks, I will be ashamed very badly. Then a voice told in my spirit “you’ll never be ashamed.” This is also a bible verse. This year my promise was

“A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right but it shall not come nigh thee.”

As our God is a trustworthy God, he did it. Yesss… I got top rank, and a free seat in one of the top engineering colleges. He has made his every promise true and gave me a great testimony like this. I rejoiced and thanked god for doing this miracle in my life. Yesss…nothing is impossible for our god. Even if I would’ve studied very hard or depended on my own knowledge, I wouldn’t get this rank. This is just beyond my ability. But God gives us according to his ability.

So, readers the only thing you have to do is, trust the lord with all your heart. Have faith in him. He will do same miracles in your life too. Our god, JESUS is a very great God. He is a god of miracles. Claim the promises which God gave to you. Because you lose what you don’t claim. Once if our god promised something he’ll definitely do it, because heaven and earth may pass over, but his word will remain forever.

Have a strong relationship with God and know his will. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IN THE NAME OF JESUS. He is willing to give you everything you want. The thing is are you willing to receive from God? I hope my testimony increased your faith, gave you hope for your future and blessed you. Amen



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