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I Need a Miracle. I Need Healing for Herpes

This morning a received a call from my doctor saying that I was positive for herpes. I’ve done a lot of online research and certain test are known to have a “grey area”. In this grey area it’s known to have a 3+%  chance of a false positive. The area is anywhere between 1.1-3.5. My results were a 2.4.

I’m praying to God for healing. There is a test called the western blot that’s supposed to be the most accurate test for herpes but it cost $250+. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have anyone to talk to, but I was lead to this website when I was waiting for my results.

After seeing this I had faith and believed that everything would come out fine, but I still got a positive. People say you have to believe in your healing, well I did, and it still came out positive. I was in a 3-year relationship, but we are no longer together. I don’t know if I should try to tell the guy or wait until I take another test.

Obviously, he doesn’t know he has it, but I’m not sure if it matters now since he’s in a relationship and has a family now. I have been celibate for a year and a half. I prayed that the lord would reward me for my faithfulness to him and the fact that I no longer lived in sin.

Please help. I’ve been praying I’ve been being faithful to God and today I get this news. I’ve had depression in the past and God freed me from that. How do I not go back to that place? How do I live life without thinking I’ll always be single, and I’ll never get to have the children I want?

Now I’m thinking maybe it’s just not God’s plan for me. Maybe I’m just meant to focus on God until I die. And that’s not a bad thing either. So please just pray for me. My mind is all over the place. Please post any healing stories you have.



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