People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Jesus Set Me Free!

Not a catchy cliché, simply the TRUTH. There’s SO much I could share yet I will attempt to be short and sweet, if possible.

I am a 42 year old mother of 5 and 2 grandchildren. I love my children! I love my grandchildren! I love my mother! Yet despite those facts, my actions for years spoke something totally different.

In 2006 I became addicted to crack cocaine. I subsequently lost custody of my children, became a divorcee twice as well as homeless. In 2008 I temporarily allowed God to do a little work on me, but not completely in me. Eventually I relapsed in 2011 then again in 2016.

Still God was faithful although I was completely unfaithful. Divorced a third time after having lost 2 career jobs that He supernaturally blessed me with (no college degree) in late 2018 I found myself again homeless, struggling.


I finally surrendered to His ultimate, divine will for my life! I ended the 20 plus years long self- indulgent flesh fest that I was on and began living according to the Word of God! No longer seeking to please my flesh I have been blessed with a sincere desire to please God! Each day as I continue the process to WHOLENESS in Christ, I am continually being strengthened by the Creator of the universe! I am TRULY experiencing the JOY of the Lord all because I finally submitted and surrendered and allowed JESUS TO SET ME FREE!