Silhouette of young woman, arms out.

Tears of Joy

I knew there was more to life
Than heart shattered scars and painful strife
There had to be purpose behind the pain
It couldn’t have all been in vain

I befriended the dark but felt the light
I wept many tears, battled endless fights
I knew there had to be more to life!

At the end of my rope
I grabbed all I could find,
Struggling to move forward
I prayed for some peace of mind

The peace that came over me was like no other
I saw the dark I had befriended as SIN and discovered
The peace that came to me that night
Could only be known as Jesus Christ.

He rescued my soul and gave me NEW LIFE,
Now I cry tears of joy
For this love I’ve found In the Lord Jesus Christ

He took my mess and made it a message
He took my heart and made it new
He took my hand and told me “You’re MINE”!
He Leaves the 99 to come and find YOU

I cry tears of Joy because now I’m FOUND!

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