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Jesus Provided Wedding Help and Debt Cancellation

We wanted to give our daughter a beautiful wedding.  When she first met her soon to be husband, we all thought he was the “one”.  Then they broke up and she was devastated.  I prayed for my daughter that if this man truly was the “one”, in which the holy spirit was saying was true, he would come back to her.  If he wasn’t, then please help my daughter heal and find the person that you have for her.  Well, he came back into the picture and before the year was up, on Christmas day, he asked my daughter to marry him.

I was unemployed and my husband’s income had dropped by quite a bit.  We knew that the only way to provide for this wedding was by faith.  We kept searching for a venue and could not find anything in our price range.  We thought there was no way to afford an actual venue with catering, but we were wrong.

God led us to Goegleins which had a barn atmosphere and an outdoor ceremony area, that my daughter could get married at.  This was just what my daughter wanted for a ceremony and reception, but even though the price was much better than I first thought, I still could not afford it.

Luckily, God came through.  He put our finances in order to pay for the ceremony, reception, food, and decorations.  The reception/ceremony place that Jesus provided was even owned by Christians.  Then we tried to find a DJ, once again he came through and found us a DJ that would be there for 7 hours and was also Christian.  We needed someone that played guitar and then he brought the son of our Christian friends to mind, he plays guitar.

All this was happening while our finances were causing us much grief.  We were being sued and taken to court.  Not only did Jesus provide us with the ability to pay for our daughter’s wedding (and to have a beautiful wedding versus a bargain basement kind of wedding); but he also got us completely out of debt and “debt free” in the process.

Remember, with God all things are possible.  He likes to take the impossible, how to pay for a wedding of my daughter’s dreams while in the process of foreclosure and being sued for other debts owed and turn the impossible into a definite!  We went from being broke and in debt, to refinancing at a lower interest rate and getting out of all of our other debts and still having the money to pay for my daughter’s beautiful wedding day to her beloved (God given) husband.

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