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My Testimony of Victory over the Forces of Hell

Whenever we sleep and dream, it is our spirits that move about carrying out events that will later occur in the physical. If you have a negative dream and woke up in the course of the dream, then God wants you to pray about it, to nullify the effect of the dream. That is why God woke you up. The powers of hell that stir the spiritual warfare against you are still around where you slept. If you engage them in warfare prayer, you will conquer them and reverse the dream.

When you sleep again, you could even dream the opposite to reveal your victory. But if you wait till later, may be to meet your Pastor, the powers of hell would have left and the process of the recovery could be tedious. Of course, you could have any manipulation reversed at any time but it is easier at a time than at another time.

A physical description of this could be explained thus: If someone is robbed of his belongings at a spot and shouted for help immediately, the people around could help him to catch the robber and get back his belonging back to him. But if he didn’t call for help on the spot but went to report at a Police station, the Police will begin to look up and down for the robber who could have run to another state or district.

Of course, effective policing will surely catch the robber but it would have taken a while before that will be done compare to calling for help instantly. You need to take charge spiritually every moment. Delay is dangerous in the spirit.

One day, I had a dream whereby I saw someone standing at the door of my room. He was in the sitting room. He called me to come and do a thing in the sitting room. My room is my prayer altar, may be the power of hell found it difficult to penetrate my room, so he stayed in the sitting room and called me out. I rose from the bed same way I had slept in the night and I came to the sitting room.

In the sitting room, I saw a big pot containing steamed beans cakes wrapped in leaves, which is my native food called Moi-moi. I said to myself, so there was food in this house and I didn’t eat in the night when I came back home. The beans cakes were arranged round the pot and as I wanted to pick one out of it, I then woke up at about 2:00am and the Lord told me to begin to pray. I began to pray but sleep wanted to take over me. The Lord warned me that if I should sleep back, that it will be disastrous for me. I continued the prayer till about 3:30am.

Later, the Lord told me that those beans cakes represent people but only one which I wanted to take is not human yet. That the pot is a covenant pot and if I should take the beans cake and eat it, I have entered into a covenant with the occult. That I will find myself in their midst and I will see the faces of the people. That, as I was praying, they were conjuring in the spirit to take me back to sleep so that they could command my spirit out of my body and bring me into their midst through such. That, as I woke up before taking the beans cake, their manipulation cut off, so they wanted to reconnect me back.

Actually, on Monday, 1st January 2018, I had gone to eat in a place for the celebration of the New Year and I came back in the night. It was during that night sleep that I had the dream in the early hours of Tuesday, 2nd January 2018. If I had not taken charge immediately, I would have been initiated.

“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way”. Matthew 13:25 KJV

“Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day”. Psalm 91:5 KJV

At nights, there are many manipulations from the pit of hell against people. Be vigilant and sensitive. You can pray by yourself and get the needed victory, then later in the day, you can then seek for additional help if you believe you still need it. You must first take charge immediately to counter the manipulation of the devil. The spiritual controls the physical. Adam (male and female) was first created as spirit-beings, before being created as physical-beings.

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