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Jesus My Deliverer (from Satanism)

I am very grateful that I found a site or place where I can read about others’ testimonies and also share my own. I am burning to give my testimony and to share what Jesus done for me.

I was a devil worshiper and then eventually a satanist climbing the levels rapidly and when I was given the assignment to break up the church where I fellowship now and the senior pastor bcause he and the church are a major blockage and problem for Satan and his plans.

I literally went in but died in foyer and God gave me a choice: either I leave the church alone or a accept Him and I desperately not wanting to die said I will serve God and He gave me my life back and I went through deliverance. I am now serving in the very same church that I was sent to and submitting under the pastor and his wife.

I never knew liberty until Jesus set me free and he whom the Son sets free is truly free indeed. And I later found out that my family sold me into the cult, and they made a bargain with Satan in exchange for me. But even that could not spoil or even put the perfect plans and purposes that God has for my life in detour or even cause Him to stray from them because He knows the plans and purposes, He has for me. They are not plans to harm me but to prosper me and to give me hope. And all things work together for those who love Christ Jesus and I love Jesus.


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