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Two Amazing and TRUE Miracles

I want to share two miracles that have happened to me, representing the good and evil in the world. I know some people on here may wonder if some of these stories are REALLY true, but rest assured, I would not make this stuff up. Once such things happen to you, you realize most people have nothing to gain by making up stories.

The first happened when I was about 5 years old. My mother was having me accept Christ into my life for the first time. I remember the situation so well: I was sitting on her bed, and she was explaining to me that I was accepting Christ in my life. As soon as I said, “I do,” or “Amen,” or whatever I said, I heard angels celebrating in my head.. like an angelic sound that was a mix of celebration and music. I immediately asked my mom, “What was that?” She said, “It’s the angles celebrating in heaven.” She later told me she didn’t hear the noise, but that perhaps she saw it in my eyes. Mother’s intuition maybe. I was just a child – I thought it was a neighbor. We had one one neighbor, and neighbors don’t sound like that. πŸ™‚

Still, when I was 19, I began wondering about God. I had forgotten about this prior experience (and now I don’t know why). The world seemed too cold and my heart had been broken for many reasons. I told God I didn’t understand anymore, and I needed to be shown something to believe.

At 25, I had gone downhill. Never hurt anybody, but smoked a lot of marijuana, drank heavily sometimes, and became extremely depressed. VERY, very depressed. Had no good friends. Had no one. I had never felt more lonely in my life and I was an angry man. One night, I had a nightmare that suddenly turned into the most EVIL presence I had ever felt inside my chest. You know that scary nightmare feeling you get? Multiply that by 50 – seriously – and that’s what I felt. I was suffocating. Everything went black. Whatever was inside of me told me a couple things about me I didn’t like about myself. When I could take it no more, as I was drenched in evil pain and darkness, I said (or thought) the only thing I could think of to say —


I woke up, and this demon screamed violently in my ear – a high-pitched, crackling scream.Β And then I was fine. I felt normal, clean.Β I put my hand on my ear and just thought, “That was loud…” Took me awhile to figure out what happened, but at a time when I had no one else, Jesus was there!! I asked God to show me something, and I went downhill until I hit rock bottom and he answered me. Basically, the message was “You need me.” And he never really left me – He was still there for the same guy who at 5 years old heard angels singing when he accepted Jesus into his life.

I hope this strengthens the faith of somebody… because God, Jesus, is real, and he loves us. At times, and I found out, he may be the only one.


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