Girl Praying

I Was Healed. Miracle Worker!

God is a miracle working God.

Some years ago, I noticed something like a mole on my breast. I was terrified because the devil began to bring various thoughts into my head. I prayed about it and trusted God that it would disappear. It was there still and sometimes it would look as if it was growing bigger and be surrounded with some blister like skin. I continued to have faith that it will dry up and fall off.

That is what God did! After a few years, it suddenly shriveled and fell off! Thank you, Jesus!

I want to encourage anyone going through sickness or pain, God is able to heal! It is His will that we are free from sickness. It is our rights as children of God. Trust and have faith in God and His powerful Word. By His stripes we were healed! (1st Peter 2:24).

Thank You Lord!


  1. Charmika 12/12/2020
  2. Mike Henry Sr. 12/12/2020
  3. Sarah 1/5/2021

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