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She was Dead but God Sent Her Back to Earth

Hi Beloveds,

My name is Thabisang and I’m a South African. I would like to share with you the testimony of my sister-in-law whom God saved miraculously.

On the 25th of Oct 2008 she was gravely ill and lying in the hospital bed. She had brain tumor, stroke, high potassium salts in the body and very strong infections. My husband and I were called to come and see her. When we got there, there were 9 medical staff attending to her and they told us that they tried their best and we should expect anything.

She was half dead when I looked at her. We went to phone the parents and tell them that she looks like she is going to die any moment and doctors has no hope. My sister-in-law stopped breathing for about 30 minutes and the nurses tried to resuscitate her with no luck. When one of them was about to write on the file that she is dead, she came back to life.

Two days later, she was healed and was free from the pains. She stayed in hospital 1 week just for observations.

She shared with us about what happened when she died.

At first, she felt a strong pain cutting through her chest and she also heard a big sound of a trumpet. The trumpet was so loud as if the whole world hears it. She then saw her spirit being separated from her body. She saw herself in the spirit moving up the sky. She arrived at a place which was all white and when she got there, she saw many angels and God sitting on a chair.

God placed her on His hand. There was a big screen television and God was having a book next to Him and paging the book. God first told her that, I knew that this day would come while you were still in your mother’s womb. God then showed her a video of her life from when she was born. She saw herself in the video and could not deny that it was her. She lived a life of unrighteousness on earth.

After showing her the video, God told her that she is forgiven and will be sent back to earth. God then took her to hell and showed her how she deserved to be thrown in hell. She saw people that she knows screaming at her to save them as they were burning in the fire.

God then told her that she must go back to the earth and tell everybody that He loves them, and no one must judge another because He judges, and He looks at a man’s heart.

God told her that because I have forgiven you, no one will judge you again. God promised her that He will provide for her children.

At that time, she was 8 months pregnant with her 3rd child. She is unmarried and the kids are for different fathers. Then she saw herself moving like she is floating and going back to her body. As she came back to life and opened her eyes, the nurses and doctors were shocked.

Praise the Lord for his mercy and love. I want to encourage all of you that heaven is so real and keep walking righteous before God.

In Dec 2008, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Praise the Lord!

Pretoria, South Africa.


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