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I Smoked Weed Every Day

Around this time last year I was addicted to smoking weed.

Although it may not sound that serious it was very serious.

I started smoking weed in High school and it eventually took over my life. I smoked weed every day after work, I would come home get high, eat and go back to sleep. All of my dreams and ambitions were no longer important to me.

I wanted to stop and I tried so many times but nothing worked. One day I came across a pastor named Stephen Darby, his preachings brought me to Jesus Christ. I understood that heaven and hell was no myth, and if I didn’t get myself together I would be in hell. I repented and begged God to deliver me from the addiction.

The very next day I no longer had the desire to smoke weed, I had no withdrawals, no feeling of despair, I was finally in my right mind. I am writing this message to share my testimony and to share the good works of God through Jesus Christ. I am so happy to finally be almost one year free from the chains of addiction.


  1. Sunday Akodu 3/24/2021
  2. Yani Jones 3/27/2021

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