Deliverance from new age spirituality and TM

New Age Spirituality Nearly Destroyed my Life

In my first Testimony Share I wrote of how Jesus came to my rescue, saving me from being attacked from muggers in the park. This is now my second testimony of how New Age spirituality nearly destroyed my life, which happened years ago, and long before I had accepted Christ into my life.

Drowning in New Age Sin

In 2012 I was caught up in the New Age movement, which allows the open attitude of being sexually free. So, I believed that only gave me the excuse to be living an immoral lifestyle, utterly obsessed with sex, drowning myself in pornography, naked lust and fornication. I truly believed that unless I got my entire fill of it all I would never be completely satisfied. Yet I was simply too blind to see how wrong all that was. Living such a wasted life soaked in sin. But the New Age thought rejects the Christian emphasis on sin and guilt, believing that these generate fear and thus negativity, which only hinders your spiritual evolution.

TM and the 3rd Eye

I began reading and devouring dozens upon dozens of New Age books, taking copious notes that I kept in a journal, which became my entire focus. This led to immersing myself in TM – transcendental meditation. It was through TM that I learned how I could advance my mind into a higher state of consciousness. After just a few months of daily focused TM, my dreams began to evolve rapidly. At one point, my dream life dramatically imploded. I was going from having a vivid dream to having a full-blown lucid dream experience.

The lucid dreaming came as a direct cause from the TM’s effect of opening up the pineal gland aka the spiritual 3rd Eye. It’s located in the middle of the forehead and refers to the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness, and of mystical intuition and insight. The name “third eye” comes from the pineal gland’s primary function of ‘letting in light and darkness’. So, it’s no wonder the pineal gland is a popular subject in mysticism and the occult.

Breaking Open Up the Head

Opening up the pineal gland attracts demons. Author Daniel Pinchbeck also confirms this in his book Breaking Open the Head; his psychedelic journey of ingesting mind-altering drugs. Pinchbeck gives a chilling account of how opening up his third eye he quickly fell into the spirit realm of demons.

Yet accordingly, other cultures see the third eye differently: In India (Hinduism), the third eye is known as clairvoyance, of Lord Shiva, one of the most important Hindu gods. In Egypt, the third eye is known as the Eye of Horus (Satan), which is nothing more than Egyptian witchcraft. But most folks, even Christians, remain completely unaware of this. In Eastern Mysticism a Seer has a third eye. A seer sees into the spiritual. An Eastern Guru or New Ager who teaches about a false god would be a false prophet in the Bible. Doing those types of eastern meditative practices that cause the awakening of the third eye are also the same forms of occultism that will attract demons.

The third eye is also known as the All-Seeing Eye in Freemasonry, with the eye inside the pyramid, as depicted on the backside of the dollar bill. So Satan was teaching Eve the same lie that’s still being taught today in Freemasonry, and in New Age spirituality, that each person has a ‘godhead’ within them. They can become as ‘gods’.

Gen 3:5 KJV – “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your ‘eyes’ shall be opened, and ye shall be as ‘gods’, knowing good and evil”.

And the best way to become as a ‘god’ is through TM meditation and occult practice – aka breaking open the head. So what are the consequences? They begin with the consequences of having an emptied mind. You don’t want to empty your mind and emotions, as a blank slate, and allow any spirit to have their way with you. Yet this is exactly what Daniel Pinchbeck, and myself included, did in order to experience the awakening of the third eye – pineal gland activation.

Following the Pineal Path

As I continued on the pineal path, my dreams at night imploded even more. By taking on a life of it’s own, the surreal was quickly becoming the real. Most folks are not familiar with lucid dreaming, as it differs greatly from having a vivid dream. The lucid goes well beyond the vivid, you are hyper-aware, like dreaming in 3-D. More to the point, as your physical body is asleep, your spiritual self remains wide awake inside the dream state. This is weirdly paradoxical, and only very few people can attain this kind of super-imposed state-of-being. It is simply mind-blowing!

At first this seemed to be incredibly exciting, I was starting to feel invincible, like I was sitting on top of the world!  In my dreams I could experience the ability to fly about like I was Superman. Bold, vivid colors and images were like a living energy that enveloped me. Animals of various types were like humans, they had voices, and were able to talk to me. I continued to write all of this down in my journal, steadily growing more into my New Age awareness and confidence.

A Demon Named Greg

After about 6 months of continued TM, dreaming and journaling, the true Turning Point came about in one particular dream. As I was sitting on top of a fast-moving train, I noticed something flying in the air, it was heading quickly towards me. As it got closer, I saw that it was a man, dressed as a superhero, much like Superman.

He flew directly down and sat next to me on that fast-moving train. I then noticed that instead of the letter S (for Superman) on his chest, he bore the letter G. I asked why him the G? He told me that it stood for the name Greg. In my mind I was thinking that maybe the G could be for God, or from the New Age perspective, G could also be for Gnosis.

But regardless, this Greg superhero insisted on being rather coy, not giving me all the details. He proceeded to tell me that he had been ‘vigilant’, that he had been ‘watching’ me in ALL of my other dreams. He also told me that if I would just listen to him, to follow his instructions exactly, that he would be able to ‘help me’. Meaning that he could help me attain what I desired the most in life. As I woke up from that dream experience, I immediately Googled the name “Greg.”

I became alarmed when I found out the name Gregory comes from the Greek Gr?górios, meaning ‘watchful, vigilant’. In Latin, the name Gregorius has been in use for well over 1,500 years. The name was adopted by early Christians heedful of the Biblical passage located in 1 Peter 5:8,

“Be sober-minded; Be watchful”.

And to think that the Greg in my dream clearly told me that he had been “watching me in all of my dreams!” That became my first warning that I should have been more sober minded myself, as being like the watchful Christian, and not allowing some evil entity to influence me. As for the fast moving train in that dream, I later learned that symbolically it meant my life was on a fast track, but was moving out of control, as I was heading fast into Hell!

I also felt an Inner Voice tell me that I was not to have anything else to do with Greg the demon, and to stop with all the TM and journaling. That was yet another clear warning sign from the Divine, but unfortunately, I would not listen. So I continued going even deeper into my New Age dreaming experience.

Two Christians Came Calling

It was only a short time thereafter, one day I was sitting on a bench in the park, deep in mindful meditation. I was soon accosted by two Christian men. They asked me if I would be interested in taking part in their survey?  My immediate reaction was ok, yes, we can talk. It turned out that by saying the word ‘survey’ what they really meant was would I be willing to discuss the need to be saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ. I proceeded to tell them that I was a New Ager, so why would I have any need of knowing Christ?

They asked me just how my indulging in New Age was going to save me from my sins? So I replied that sin does not exist in New Age, believing in sin would only hinder my spiritual evolution. And I had come this far with the lucid dreaming and with the breaking open of my head, so why should I stop now?

But those two guys remained calm and patient with me, not once did they point the finger and tell me I was heading straight for Hell, even though I truly was. They were unable to convince me that day of my personal need for Christ. It was only much later, in hindsight, I came to realize that the only thing they could do for me that day in the park was to simply plant a Christian seed….and to let it grow.

A Spilling of Blood

As I continued more months into my TM, dreaming and journaling, a major shift occurred, and that is when all Hell broke loose. My next lucid dream became a lucid nightmare. In it I dreamed of going to a dark place where I was in the presence of two old friends Pat & Glenn, who both had actually died years ago. Next, I was left standing all alone in front of a giant mirror and seeing my reflection in it.

At that moment I began to see a spilling of blood, massive amounts of it, pouring out all around me. As I gazed deeper into the mirror, I could clearly see that all the blood spilling over was actually coming from me, it was my own blood being drawn! As I was being forced into participating in some kind of bloody, Satanic sacrifice. It then quickly became even more horrifying when I realized it was actually ME who was the chosen sacrifice!

The image of my face in the mirror was quite hideous, resembling that of a demon. Hugh pins were being stuck into my mouth, lips and tongue, causing all the blood to spill over. My hair was all frayed, standing on end, and burned from fire. I then came to realize I was in Hell, as were my two friends Pat & Glenn.

An Inner Voice told me that unless I give up all the New Age stuff, I too, would be stuck there with Pat & Glenn, along with all of our sins… forever! I then woke up from the full horror of that lucid nightmare, trembling in total fear. I knew I was finished with New Age. I knew I had to change my life’s course.

Deliverance from New Age

Having that horrible nightmare proved to be my true wake-up call from God. For me to become a believer of Jesus Christ, I knew my third eye was the very thing I needed to renounce and reject. Moving forward, I began reading the Holy Bible, repenting, and praying every day. I was at long last delivered from New Age. So I came to realize there is a form of spiritual deadness that we ALL have, that we are all born with. And That Is Sin.

Clear Conscience in Christ

It now marks 33 years since my friends Pat & Glenn have passed away. Both were so heavily caught up in the fast world of drugs, alcohol and sex. It still haunts my heart how they, as well as other friends, and relatives were all so caught up in ‘making friends with the world’, immersed in their own secular sins. And dying without the salvation of Christ. Now that is very sobering, is it not?

James 4:4 “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God”.

So, I have survived living the New Age experience, I am now a born again Christian. But I need to remain strong in my faith, clinging to Christ, and not becoming a friend of the world. My New Age aftermath has led me to question so many things about the world.

Secular entertainment is a major problem, especially with movies and music, they indoctrinate us. So, I’m alarmed by all the Illuminati subliminal codes and images I’ve found embedded everywhere in pop culture. (think: culture-cult). Most notably in Hollywood movies, (from The Matrix to Lord of the Rings to Star Wars to Harry Potter) all are by Satanic design.

And this is exactly how Christians are being pulled into the forbidden realm of the occult, because they are remaining ignorant of Satan’s devices. It clearly shows that true followers of Christ must stop being ‘a friend of the world’. Satan is only making sure that you love him, and follow the world, more than you love Christ, and follow His Spirit.

So it’s my most fervent prayer that readers will take to heart what I have shared here. By staying firmly focused on Christ, and by giving Him the glory.


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