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How I Met my Guardian Demon for the Last Time!

Hi everyone, I am an Arab and got saved in 1998 when I was 12. I got saved miraculously right after seeing my dead Muslim father accusing me of refusing to keep the 3 promises… anyways, that’s for another time. I want to tell everyone about my experience with a guardian demon… yes!… a real demon

When I was 17 which was in 2003, I started practicing PSI (Psychic Studies Institutions), it was really cool, moving objects, astral projection (out of body experience), empathy, telepathy, telekinesis etc. I had most empathy, telepathy, telekinesis and a little bit of astral projection (had started doing it for a week before the being convicted by the Holy Spirit!). Now, in case you don’t understand astral projection, you get to separate your spirit from your body (that’s what they tell you) but the truth is… a demon is the one that does that for you. If you want to move an object, they tell you to concentrate either using your 3rd eye or aura…lol.

Anyways, I moved to a different school and continued my training until I met a Christian (I was still a Christian by then but very weak spiritually). Anyways, the Christian had with him a bible, the word Bible was covered, so I went to touch it! I felt like someone hit me with a club, that effect was followed by a headache, I decided to get out, once I got out, I felt better. That shocked me, I thought he was a powerful psychic, so for the next week I started sending energy balls (PSI Balls) at him, what happened?


One morning, as I was heading towards my art class, the Christian was walking towards me singing “Oh the blood of Jesus”, again with the club and the headache! I finally decided to talk to him and what he revealed to me scared the crap out of me, if I had negative effect towards the bible, that meant I was possessed. So, I was introduced to his Pastor, nothing dramatic happened like the way demon possessed people react.

Anyways, the Pastor warned me about going back and said I was lucky since I still had the Holy Spirit in me, otherwise I would have been possessed. So, he prayed for me and of course I confessed my sins and asked Jesus to come into my heart as a refresher (better be safe than sorry!). He told me that if I get attacked, I have to keep saying “I’m covered by the blood of Jesus!”.

Well, at 3 am the next morning, I woke up spiritually (like the way I used to during the astral projection) …anyways, when I woke up spiritually or in the spiritual realm, I saw a figure lying on the bed and staring at me, I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me… until it smiled, it was so black that you could see it in the dark. It was like a dark figured man in a pure black robe, you can only see its eyes and lips. What the Pastor said I do was impossible, I mean my mouth was sealed shut, my body heavy and couldn’t do anything, just like a bag of potato.

The weird thing is that a part of me was praying but without words, like a feeling of prayer, tears started to fall. I tell you guys, that demon just lay there until finally, it started laughing (not loud or like in the horror movies), like a hehehehehe… and it didn’t disappear like poof! It was more like the ghost movies, swooped out through the window.

Now, since I wasn’t possessed, I was oppressed, Lucifer sends his demons to oppress Christians since it impossible to possess them. They are called Guardian Demons, their main work is to make your life a living hell, one more thing, remember what the bible said about your tongue (can bless or curse and even create). I say this because ONCE you curse, the demon runs to Lucifer with the report and Lucifer goes before God to accuse you asking God for permission to MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE. One thing I can’t understand is, if 100 Christians curse, how does Lucifer go to God with all the complaints since he can only be in one place at a time. Anyways, that’s it guys!

God bless!


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