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I Just Gave in and Said, “I Love You Jesus”.

I’m sharing my testimony to help fortify the faith of anyone who reads this. I had an encounter with Jesus Christ.

I was a depressed young man getting out of the Navy, I started having epileptic episodes and I was no longer seaworthy. I became addicted to alcohol, sex with strangers, gambling and nicotine. I’ve done many detestable things in sight of the Lord. Thoughts of suicide followed shortly after, as I began to believe that my life and everyone else’s was truly pointless.

Luckily, I had a friend plant seeds in my heart years ago before we both joined the military around the same time. I eventually found myself reading Genesis and other books in the Old Testament. I always find it difficult to relate the God of the Old Testament to the words and actions of Jesus Christ. After reading the gospel of John I was moved but confused to say the least. So, June 9th, this year I lay in my bed face up struggling with the question, praying for revelation, and waiting for the man upstairs to answer my call. I felt something inside of me well up and I just gave in and said,

“I love you Jesus”.

Immediately my vision went black and appearing in the center and gradually expanding outward was the face of a man in the form of a purple aura. I can’t remember all the details of His face, but I do remember the feeling. I felt love. It coursed through me and pierced my very being. I felt weightless. I knew in that moment what I was experiencing was God’s love. I knew that Jesus was the son of God, sent to die for our sins and to resurrect to defeat death itself. His presence over my being eventually became so strong that I was essentially knocked out. I didn’t dream any dream that night, which is odd. I woke up like normal and didn’t remember the encounter until around 10 am that next day.

I share this testimony because even after this encounter, I still struggle with faithlessness. I’m a baby Christian as you would call it and have been shedding years of unbelief since then. Whenever I have doubts however I remind myself of when Jesus chose to reveal His eternal presence to me. More so, after another encounter with the Lord I realized I had been set apart since birth to witness God. The Holy Spirit spoke through a random woman to me one day when she saw that I was born on 11/11 saying,

“You ARE a witness to God”.

I hope this encouraged you. I love you and our Lord forever and ever. You are blessed and highly favored.

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