Peace about my Father Clouds

God Gave Me Peace about my Father’s Salvation

Pardon me for using my nickname instead. Let me share to you my testimony.

Years ago, our father was dying in the hospital. He acquired an inherited disease and there’s simply nothing more that the doctors could do about it.

I knew that time is of the essence and so in front of my catholic mother, I would preach to my father about the LORD JESUS’ goodness, HIS salvation, that my father has to forgive his enemies and so on and so forth. I kept repeating that on a daily basis.

One day, our father died. Honestly, I was bothered because I didn’t know if he accepted the LORD JESUS CHRIST as his SAVIOUR. One night, GOD had been extra gracious to me, and showed me a dream. In my dream, I saw our father all wearing white and very bright and he was smiling and in perfect condition. Aside from that, in my dream, I was sort of applauded for being able to forgive my enemies.

Then I woke up. I was very thankful to the LORD JESUS CHRIST for giving me peace about my father’s salvation. I am very happy to know that my father is up there in heaven together with our LORD JESUS CHRIST. I am very proud of him.

And I know I really got to work on forgiving our enemies, and that I will do. I promise to the LORD that I will pray for their good for straight one week. Cause as the saying goes, when you forgive, the prisoner you released is you.

Time is of the essence. We got some wants and needs that are valid in order for us to live comfortably and enjoy our lives. But let us not all forget that our time here on earth is just short. We simply do not know when our time is up. At the end of the day, our relationship with the LORD JESUS CHRIST is what really matters.

Let us read the bible as HE is with us daily. His word is a lamp to our feet and will direct us to the right path. Spending more time with the LORD JESUS CHRIST allows HIS HOLY SPIRIT to be able to talk with us clearly, as our spirit is set upon HIM.

Never be swayed away by what you are going through right now. What you see is temporary, but our citizenship in heaven with the LORD JESUS CHRIST is our true identity. GOD BLESS YOU.


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