Student suffering from academic failure.

Academic Probation. I Feel Like Such a Failure

Brethren in Christ, I am so happy to fellowship with other Christians and share my suffering with you all because it is hellish suffering alone, my goodness. I am just trying to say I am so grateful for you all. I was diagnosed with bipolar six years ago and got into all sorts of trouble which brings me down when I think about it. The Lord is restoring me bit by bit and put me in school again, but my grades suffered so much because I was just always so exhausted in class due to the medications, and I couldn’t reach pass.

So now I’m on academic probation and before this bipolar diagnosis, I was always top of my class. So my identity is suffering so much, and I feel like such a failure and a disgrace. To make things worse I have been fortunate to get three job interviews but have failed two. And the one I just did last week I’m still waiting for the results, but I know that I did not perform as was expected or needed and I am scared of failing it too. However, I am only still holding on to hope because I know that God can do all things. Nothing is too hard for him. I have been praying but I have little faith because I keep wondering if God will help me when I failed the previous two anyway after praying.

Please pray for me, this job would change my life and enable me to have a way to provide for myself and my family and not have to beg for money as I’ve been doing for the past months. The devil has been attacking me endlessly for the past ten years and I feel so tired of fighting most times. But I know deep down that God is good. Please pray for me for this job response I am waiting for. I am to hear back by four working days. Thank you so much beloved in Christ. I am eternally grateful. Adanne


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