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I Called Out To God for Help

I was in a very abusive relationship with a verbally abusive man. The devil is tricky and will trick you with false promises and praise.

I had list lost god, but when you are undergoing abuse of the devil your brain starts to change. Your memory gets foggy, and you can’t remember things.

I was really foggy one day as the verbal abuse was weighing on my psyche. I called out to God for help. As I had nowhere else to go.

A little bit later maybe a few weeks I was laying down and felt a strange dark energy come over me. It felt like it was tearing something out of me, out of the center of my body.

It felt like an exorcism. It was after that I started seeing my abuser for what he was, hearing his words and seeing who he really was. Which was a godless trickster.

I feel the abuse puts an implant into you, so you are blinded to the devils’ tricks. And his reached in and tore it out, setting me free.

Narcissism is a tool of the devil, because the devil only loves himself.

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