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I Called on All the Gods in the World. None Answered…

My name is Asim Mandal I want to share my testimony.

I heard about Jesus first through my friend in a house church. My life was so bad before knowing Jesus. I lived my life on my own. There was no hope in my life. I used to live in the world with various friends, drinking alcohol and other things like adultery, teasing people and worshiping idols, because I was a child in a Hindu family, worshiping idols. It was only a stolen motive to do, let my life go on like this.

After knowing Jesus, my life is the same as before. I continued but nothing changed. That – I just knew. But just one change happened that I started to attend home congregations every Sunday on time and listen to God’s word by heart, just for the sake of pastors and the pastor’s wife. But my mind and heart have not changed. Only I knew this.

Two more years passed like this, after which I got married in 2005. After that 10/09/2006 I fell into a great depression my wife became pregnant, and her whole body swelled. And she was in a hospital. Then the doctor said to me that your wife and child can’t be saved.

I burst into tears and started kept calling all the gods in the world, from 6 am to till 3pm – no one answered and helped me. Suddenly remembered about the Lord Jesus and I was crying and praying to Jesus,

“If you are the true living God, then you will save me from this great calamity.”

At that time, I remembered Jesus words written in the Bible that there is power in his blood, and everyone can get healed by his blood. God gave me a verse psalm 91:15

“He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.” Psalms 91:15.

Within 30 minutes the doctor called me. He said, Asim Mandal come and listen.

“Your wife and son both are fine.”

I thanked my Lord Jesus Christ for his miracle in our life. Since 2006 till today, I am in Christ. And I am working in his service. All Glory Goes to God. God bless you.

Note: Asim is pictured on far left above.


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