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Prayer to Pass Exam Re-takes (Help)

I just took my company law paper yesterday for the second time. I don’t know why but to me it always seems like an impossible paper. I’m never familiar with the subject because to me company is a difficult topic (unlike other law topics which I understand very quickly). Application of the law is really hard.

Yesterday during the paper, I was so nervous. I kept praying, I knew the answers and I wrote them down and I know I hit 80% of the answers he wanted. But then I realised that I didn’t write my answer very clearly, and that I totally didn’t write another solution this person could’ve took, and now I’m scared I’m going to fail because this professor who marks the paper doesn’t minus/deduct points but gives an automatic failure. Even if I got 80% of the content correct. I’m worried that I wrote extra, or irrelevant things which isn’t wrong but will cost me a failure.

Please pray for me because I really need to pass this paper to keep my job. Results are out in December. I know Jesus can do so many things like grant me favour in the eyes of the examiner, but this examiner is really tricky, really stubborn, and really harsh, I don’t even know what I should pray for but simply to pass miraculously.

Thank you for listening, please keep me in your prayers.

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