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Cured by God from Genital Herpes

To begin, I always had God with me. I grew up in a Christian household and attended Church every Sunday. However, once myself and my family stopped going to Church I began to get interested in masturbation. Once, I began to masturbate, my mind went on to begin watching pornography. These bad habits urged me to crave sexual attention from a man. Therefore, once I got accepted to college it was the beginning of my first sexual experience.

Within the first three days of living with my roommates, there was one weekend where two of my roommates left and myself and another roommate threw a small party. The party seemed to be going fine, and then my roommate asked me if I wanted to sleep with her. In all honesty, I thought this would be a fun and harmless experience, but little did I know that this would change my life forever. A few days after we slept together, I began to have an itching that was unbearable. By this time, I was in a friends with benefits with a guy I genuinely was interested in.

Fast forward, it was now Winter Break, and I had a scheduled doctor’s appointment. At this appointment, I asked the doctor to test me for every STD. Walking away, I felt that it is better to know what was happening with my body no matter how bad the results could be.

A couple of weeks later, I got a call from my hospital saying that I had genital herpes. I remember asking my mom,

“What is the cure?”

And my mom said,

“There is no cure.”

I then proceeded to call the guy that I was having friends with benefits at the time and tell him the news. Once he found out I contracted genital herpes, he got tested himself and came back negative. He then proceeded to tell me,

“I’m sorry that you contracted genital herpes,”

and stopped talking to me completely. Then, a couple of weeks later, I decided to tell the roommate that I had sex with that I had contracted genital herpes. She left me on read and avoided talking to me.

I didn’t eat full course meals for the next three days and found God in my darkness. The roommate who gave me genital herpes avoided me at all costs and constantly stared at me, as well as the guy that I had friends with benefits. I kept asking God,

“Why me, why me, why me God?”

And he heard my prayers because I began to forgive my roommate and move forward because I knew that vengeance is God’s. Furthermore, it hurt the roommate that I slept with more to see me not crying and moving forward positively about my diagnosis.

Therefore, shortly after finding my strength in God, that roommate tried to make herself the victim by saving my message stating, “I have genital herpes,” to try to prove that I gave her genital herpes first and threatened to fight me if she saw me on campus. Threatened and embarrassed, I decided to move out to get new roommates.

I began to really heal myself once I moved out and in with a new roommate who was absolutely amazing. That summer, I deleted all of my social media and came across a YouTube video about God supernaturally healing individuals from genital herpes. Once I was ready to be healed, I asked for his healing.

And once I asked for his healing, miracles and coincidences began to happen in my life. For instance, I went with my brother Go-Karting. And before we went out to ride, they asked us for our names.

Afterwards, they gave us “Test Results,” and I came in ninth place, which is interesting because my birthday is September 9th. And guess who came in first place? God!!! I kept that piece of paper with me the entire next school year.

Next school year, I became a Resident Assistant, and I was determined to turn my life around completely. I began to go on actual dates with guys, and even though they did not go great, I took away something from each date. That being, listen and observe what someone is showing you instead of ignoring it.

Additionally, I met angels throughout the school year and saw signs from God as well. For instance, I met a young man who was a true Christian and bought me a Bible as a gift. Furthermore, I was taking Organic Chemistry at the time, and one day I went to study with a friend in a study room. And on the White Board in the study room someone wrote out what God stands for. It said,

“G – Giver, O – of, D – Deliverance.”

Additionally, I saw two beautiful rainbows at the beginning of my school semester and at the end of my school semester. However, by the end of the semester, I deleted all of my dating apps and social media again to focus strictly on God.

At this point, I was just breaking my pornography addiction, and asking God for his guidance. Then, I had my second doctor’s appointment. I asked my doctor to test me AGAIN for ALL STDS. And the next day, I checked all my results online and I came back NEGATIVE for genital herpes!!!! The doctor claimed she had no explanation as to why my test came back negative as it should stay the same, but I knew it was GOD’s blood that showed up on my test results!!

God never left my side through my traumatic sexual experience, and now that I am cured by God himself from genital herpes, I want to save myself for marriage, be obedient, and share my testimony to inspire others that God is real and if you surrender your worries to Him, he can save and or heal you from all your troubles.

Additionally, the scripture that I constantly said to ask for healing was,

“He forgives all my sins, and heals all of my diseases” (Psalm 103:3).

H.E.R.P.E.S (He, elevates, real, people, even, sinners)


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