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Holly Saw Jesus

Holly was only 3 years of age and we had been sitting on the floor playing a game when she was fixated at her bedroom door.

I turned around to look at the door and asked, “what are you looking at?”.

She did not respond.

I then waved my hand in front of her face to get her attention but she was transfixed to the door. I got a little frightened and asked her, “what are you staring at?”

Again no response.

I called out to Peter asking him if he happen to pass by Holly’s bedroom door but he was fast asleep. I then asked Holly, “tell me what do you see at the door”.

Still transfixed to the door, she replied, ‘its a man.’

I asked, “what does he look like.”

She replied, “he wears a gown, it’s a cream colour, he has a beard, he is kind and he wants to enter the room”.

I asked who is this man.

She turned to look at me and replied, “don’t you know mummy He is Jesus”.

I was in shock. I asked Holly, “did you invite Jesus into the room?”

She replied, “yes”.

To this day I will never forget that moment Holly saw Jesus at her bedroom door. She refuses to have a  Christmas tree and Christmas decorations in the house, she says Jesus would be angry. Holly says that Jesus is better than a Christmas gift. Praise Jesus for showing the truth to our little girl and to many who seek the truth.