Troubled couple

Lost after Heartbreak

I am still in the middle of the healing process. Nothing I can do but rely on God to heal my broken heart.

I met a guy 4 years ago. 3 months after our marriage, he cheated on me by sleeping with a woman who he met in the bar. I let him go, he didn’t want to. I attempted suicide. I remember the day when I was in the hospital, he came to visit me. He sat next to me and said he was sad. I asked him why. He said because I was in the hospital, he missed the birthday party if his girlfriend’s friend.

I was shocked and suddenly realized how stupid I was because I almost lost my life for such a heartless man. I thank God for giving me a second life and I have learnt to love myself more. I trust God will bring me my Mr. Right.

3 years later, I met a guy. We were together for 8 months. He even proposed in late October, and we decided to get married in 2011. Unfortunately, I found out he purchased a flight ticket to fly to other city to meet a girl when I was out of the country. He said he loves me and tried to rescue. However, I couldn’t trust him anymore and we broke up.

We broke up over a week already. We still contact each other. I am so devastated. I couldn’t sleep well, couldn’t eat. I am totally lost. I have no idea why God would let the tragedy repeat again. I try to pray, but I feel no energy to do it. I feel pity on myself and feel lost from the love from God.

I am still in the middle of nowhere. I know if I keep thinking like this, I will get depression. I just want to find the way out. I want to be healed.


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