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Healing Prayer. Signs of STD, Guilt, Shame

I made mistake and had sex with someone.

I have repented and am seeking God in prayer and in the word. Yes, I am a follower of Christ and have served and sought him over the years, but this was my failure, my sin, no excuses. I am currently showing signs of a STD and will take a test next week. I am seeking God’s healing both physically and spiritually. This is the only way I know to reach out. It is my prayer that God heals by his mercy, grace, and power.

I struggle with the guilt, shame and I am close to bitter edge. I need the prayers of the body and I ask for healing and the faith in that. I believe he can heal and I need to support of those in the body that he for his healing for me. I will seek to be prayed over this weekend by a praying body that I do not know. I request and value your prayers for though I am walking this out with God, otherwise I am alone. I have walk through being abused and beaten as child, to depression but God has been there through it all. This has been the most difficult It pulls on every wound I have, I feel so isolated. No matter, God is asking me to surrender very thing, even fear.

Satan is telling me I don’t deserve to be healed and that is for others not for me. My mind knows I don’t deserve it but it is God’s mercy that I am seeking but there is battle going on with my spirit that says it not for me. I am finding it harder to pray, but continue. May his mercy and healing be given, not that I deserve it. Please lift me up, pray for healing by the God we serve. Thank you and God’s grace be with you.


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