Praying Girl

The Day I Saw Jesus

In 1983 I was a little girl living in Meridain, Mississippi. I was 6 years old going through something that most six year olds shouldn’t have to go through. My mom worked two jobs. She was a hair dresser by day and at night she was a waitress. So she decided to get married. This left me and my sister and brothers home alone with my stepfather. It was going well for the first 3 months, I thought I had a father. Then he started to do the unthinkable. He began to molesting me and my my sister. At this time I started to have nightmare and began wetting the bed. I was afraid to tell my mother what was happening to me because he said that he would kill me. On this particular night I went to bed and I remember praying and asking God to just kill me so I wouldn’t have to go through this anymore. I fell a sleep and then I heard something so I opened my eyes when I did I saw an image so bright that I could hardly look at it, I could tell it was a man image but there was no flesh he was glowing and he was perfect. All he said to me that day was suffering little children come unto me….I was so afraid that I pulled the cover over my eyes the next day when I woke up my mom said that Jesus told her to get her children away from that man so we moved and I never say him again……


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