Girl in bright sunlight

The Day I Saw Jesus

In 1983 I was a little girl living in Meridain, Mississippi. I was 6 years old going through something that most six-year-olds shouldn’t have to go through.

My mom worked two jobs. She was a hairdresser by day and at night she was a waitress. So, she decided to get married. This left me and my sister and brothers home alone with my stepfather.

It was going well for the first 3 months, I thought I had a father. Then he started to do the unthinkable. He began to molest me and my sister. At this time, I started to have nightmares and began wetting the bed. I was afraid to tell my mother what was happening to me because he said that he would kill me.

On this particular night I went to bed, and I remember praying and asking God to just kill me so I wouldn’t have to go through this anymore. I fell asleep and then I heard something so I opened my eyes when I did, I saw an image so bright that I could hardly look at it.

I could tell it was a man image but there was no flesh. He was glowing and he was perfect. All he said to me that day was suffering little children come unto me.

I was so afraid that I pulled the cover over my eyes. The next day when I woke up, my mom said that Jesus told her to get her children away from that man. So, we moved and I never saw him again.