Person by Sea - Healing

Healed of Herpes

I am a married man and had 3 children. I have been afflicted with being bisexual for years because of being continuously sexually molested as a child.

I felt that my wife no longer loved me and stepped out of my marriage, and was engaging in sexual relations with men to fill the void I was getting from my wife. I was on an app and found a guy to perform oral sex on me anally and 2 weeks later started having pain making a bowel movement. I went to the hospital and they said I had herpes. After a swab test the results said I was positive for Herpes 1.

I cried and confessed to my wife, everything. She said everything was too much for her to bear (she’s bisexual as well) and I ended up getting kicked out. I was distraught! I FASTED for days! There were times I would fast for 3 days. 6 days… 3 days… fasting and praying, praying and fasting. I confessed to the Lord all I did, and honestly sought the Lord! After 3 months I went to get tested again and found out I was NEGATIVE! By His stripes we are healed!!!!

Jesus WILL answer prayer! God looks at the HEART! He will heal! He will deliver! TRUST AND BELIEVE! I THANK HIM!!!