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Healed of Herpes

I had contracted herpes after I went to get a friend from a club. She called me and said she didn’t want to go but her friends were going to make her, so I went to get her. We went to my house because she had nowhere else to go.

As we were about to go to sleep urges overtook us.  I had a fever and the sores popped up. I knew I had it because the signs were obvious. I looked and looked for cures and ways to get rid of it, and I thought I was going to have it for life after one wrong decision.

However, I realised that I had not yet consulted God. I decided to look up “God healed me of Herpes”, and then I knew there was hope that I could be cured by God. I prayed and I was answered.

I know it may not sound real, but since I was young, I have been able to hear God in response to prayers. He said he would heal me. I prayed to Jesus Christ who has saved us from our sins and also diseases in some translations of the Bible.

This led me to start reading more of the Bible, and I came across a piece of scripture that said believe you have received what you are praying for and it shall be yours, and a friend told me that if what we are praying for can bring glory to Him, that it would be given to us. After I had stopped a few bad habits, and living a more godly life I went to get tested again after I heard him say,

“Now you may get tested again.”

The test came back negative, and I no longer had it. I was so happy! I thank Him every day.


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