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Healed from HSV-1, Delivered, and Set Free!

Before I joined my church, I was in the world and contracted HSV-1 from a previous relationship about 10 years ago. I got it from allowing a previous partner to perform oral sex on me while getting over a cold sore. I didn’t think anything of it…

We ended things, but about a year later when I started dating again, I had my first outbreak. It was painful and I knew that God was not pleased with my behavior, and it took some time, but it brought me back to the church.  Oddly enough the guy I was with was okay with knowing, but I couldn’t go any further.

For some time, I felt ashamed and worthless. And when I did come back to the church, the more I learned about God and how amazing He was, I felt more guilt and shame for a while. The devil was really playing with my mind. Somehow, I came across Joyce Meyer who was doing a 30/30 challenge. Spend 30 days with God for 30 minutes with God which overlapped with a fast from my church. It was a starting point to get my life back together!

Recently, God led me to do a 3-day water fast for my miracle healing and getting closer to him. It was such a blessing and I have learned so much more about how God sees me and loves me.  Only God got me through that fast.  Before the fast, God gave me a revelation, HSV-1  0.0. I continued to pray and have faith. I had to continually recite Gods word, because the devil will be in your ear every step of the way.  I also wrote my name and test results and out in my bible, by John chapter 5, where Jesus heals a lame. He healed so many in the book of John. I read Psalms 91 and so many more scriptures that I posted on my wall.

At the end of the fast, I scheduled some tests with the doctor and prayed and prayed and ask God to heal me. God always led me to the scripture John 5:6

“When Jesus saw him and knew he had been ill for a long time, he asked him, ‘Would you like to get well?'”

Yes, and Amen!

Along with other scriptures about healing, believing, and having faith that I prayed… I got the test results back a few days ago and was negative for HSV-1. God has totally healed me and restored me. I can’t stop praising him enough. By His stripes, I am healed. I had to give this testimony to someone. I will continue to spread the good news about how amazing God’s power is! Please get to know him for yourself! The devil is a liar! The devil is a liar! When bad thoughts enter your mind, say no thank you to the devil and recite God’s word!


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