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Healed from Asthma

I know this is an overdue testimony, for the glory of the Lord Jesus I am writing and declaring what He has done for me. It was approximately six years ago that He healed me of asthma (at least the manifestation of it because I believe that we were healed 2000 years ago at the Cross of Calvary on His body where He bore our sicknesses and carried our pain).

Before the healing, I was constantly suffering asthma attack in every slight change of weather. I always brought my medicine wherever I go. I can still remember how difficult it was. The Lord impressed in my heart that I need to seek Him for healing. I don’t know anything about healing because no one even in our church taught me about it.

I searched the back of my Bible about healing and there are two Bible verse that speak to me the most. Those are 1 Peter 2:24 and Isaiah 53:5. I also learned that the Word of God is life and health to our flesh from Proverbs 4:20-22. With God’s help I disciplined myself to memorize and meditate the Word of God about healing which is very difficult sometimes because it seems that nothing is happening.

The breakthrough came. I remember, that was Holy week. In season like this we have a chance to enjoy a four-day vacation where we usually spend in our home province. Before travelling, I purposed in my heart that I will meditate on the Word of God and really seek the Lord for healing to manifest. While in the province I realized that I did not take any medicine contrary to previous years.

Since that day, I know that the healing manifestation started to come. Today, I no longer have asthma attacks and no need to carry medicine. Jesus delivered me from this sickness. To Him be the glory forever!


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