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God Use Me. He will, but are you Ready?

I have known God since I was 11 years old. I have always been a strong-minded person who always knew that God would do something with me one day, but little did I know the kind of prayer that I was praying all those years ago.

I am a graduate and always knew that I was special. I have never been ashamed about loving God so much. And sometimes that is the key to some basic doors opening for you. I had the privilege of getting a visa from UK to USA to start working. All this while I always had God in my life because you don’t get what you have by yourself. If God says he wants to bless you, he will. So, I was making my money, living the single life and having fun but still worshipping God. Then I came home to Africa to visit my parents. That was it. The devil had something planned for me that I had no clue about.

It was in January 2004 when I met someone who wanted to marry me. I knew that I was getting older, but I was very smart about men and their tricks. But for some reason this guy seemed real and loved me dearly. I was impressed by how quickly he learned from me. I never intended to marry someone who was not on the same educational background as myself. I was more advanced than him in everything, even speaking English. I believed in what some of the old aunties in my house would say that you make a man what you want. You polish them up. At the time I thought it was a silly saying, but before I knew it, I was helping this boy become a man.

Time went by, I did everything for this man, from send him money while in America, send him travelling, help his family, even have a baby for him. What did I not know was that when I was praying God use me, did I know what he was going to do? I left America and gave up my apartment, my two cars, my job to come to Africa and live here.

Then God said it was time.

When I got here, that man called “husband” was not quite the person that I thought. He used me, he had children I never knew about, he was abusive, he used all my money and made me live like a pauper. It was such a shock that I nearly had a nervous breakdown and a mental breakdown. I went from having money to having nothing. And to add icing to the cake he was a womanizer. And I never saw anything. And more to the cake was that he was not a believer at all. So, all the secrets came out and I was shocked.

What is my testimony, it’s too big for words and only God knows the testimony of what I went through? But I want to encourage anyone who says to God use me, t0 keep praying that prayer. But be ready to go through something. I know what I went through, and I know that I can council anyone with all kinds of situations and I am so grateful to God.

God laid it on heart to start an NGO which will allow me to minister to all kinds of people on a global level. But I am in a bad situation. I am still in Africa even what to eat is a problem. I have lost all my money and I don’t even have any money to register it and start the NGO. My life is totally horrible, but I know that God will see me through, and he has promised that he will make away in the wilderness.

I hope that I have touched someone with this testimony. God Bless you and keep hope and faith alive.

Miss P


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