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Did I Mess Up God’s Plan To Be Married To My Ex?

In the beginning before I started going out with my ex, we both prayed and asked God to tell us if this is what he wants for us, if he wants us to marry each other. The answer we got was “Be Still” I took that as meaning “wait for further instructions” if it was no, then why would God say wait for further instructions, he would just say no.

So, we ended up getting into a relationship, her best friend who is a prayer warrior and older woman said that one day as she was cleaning her house, God dropped into her spirit that me and her are to be married.

That told me that was the instructions we were waiting to hear, plus my ex tells me that if her parents give us the blessing to be married, then it’s God’s will that we are to be married because that is what she prayed for, that the man they give their blessing to is the one for her.

So, I got the ring, and we were engaged.

However, before and after the engagement, we were having arguments, more than once we almost ended up breaking up because my ex would tell me that she needs time to think and let me know whether or not she wants to be with me, and this happened more than once.

We ended breaking up for a week and we got back together, it was her fault as to why we broke up. The arguments continued after that, a few months more passes and we end up breaking up again. Now I don’t know if she will ever come back to me.

I’m thinking that in the beginning when God told us to “be still” that meant don’t get into a relationship yet, I have to work on you both. Now that we didn’t listen and went ahead and got into a relationship, I wonder if we messed up God’s plan for us to be married.

Now we are not together and being counseled now by both our pastors. She does not want to talk to me, and her parents and her want me to stay away and have no contact. She’s working now on forgiving me, and both me and her are being counseled now and trusting in God to help us get more healthier individually.

My question is did we mess up God’s plan for us to be married, I mean even after this, if it’s God’s will for us to be married, can it still happen, or did we mess it up completely by not being still like God had told us?

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