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Jesus Hugged Me Tight, LOVE that Surpasses All Understanding

The Lord WILL bless you

The Lord WILL bless you

The Lord WILL keep you

The Lord WILL cause His covenants to come upon you and be gracious to you

The Lord GRANTS you His SHALOM, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body, in the name of JESUS, the Messiah

Praise the Lord,

Glory to Jesus Christ, halleluiah… blessed friends, today I have experienced the wonderful love of our heavenly beloved father through Jesus Christ, I call Jesus as my papa, my abba, my love, my life, my Jesus and my everything.

At noon time, I sat for my prayer as I was feeling low and in need of Jesus as always, I prayed Jesus I don’t know how to love you, bible tells us to love you but I’m not strong enough to love the almighty God the creator of heaven and earth, it’s easy to say but I feel we all fall short in loving God for our love is nothing compared to His love for us, so I said,

“Papa please teach me to love you, I want you to take delight in me, though I’m not capable of loving you with all my heart being weak human being but I boldly ask you to teach me to love you anyway and also teach me how to SEEK YOU so that all the good things will be added to my life (I know Jesus I want my desires to be met and so I wanna seek you so that my desires will be met) please teach me how to love you and how to seek you because I cannot do it on my own.”

Now friends,

In this prayer, my intention was that I wanted my desires to be met, even in my prayer I was being self-centered and now I tell you what happened…

Just as I was in the middle of praying, I felt this amazing closeness to Jesus, like he had wrapped his arms around me with so much of love, so much of belongingness, so much of peace and I felt this incredible feeling that I was so soooooooooo close to Jesus Christ my Abba, I heard my momma calling me to help her out but I felt as if my Jesus was not letting me go, he still had his arms around me, saying…..I love you my Child, your  apple of my eye, I have made an everlasting covenant of LOVE with you, I showered my blood on you and so your all MINE, my precious lovable daughter your father loves you so much, I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I was so so amazed at this beautiful love Christ has for me, friends I cannot express how I felt in these words, oh how I wish you would feel this love, and yes YOU WILL if you just call your abba and tell him to hug you.

All my life, I was crying for this love, I was craving for this love, I felt so incomplete without this love. I was praying for my soulmate thinking he will make me feel complete and so I kept on praying for a soulmate eagerly for 1 n half years. I never understood what God meant when he said through a prophet to me that He WILL satisfy my longingness, but today friends, God proved it right. My Abba came and hugged me pouring out all his abundant love on me. Truly I cannot express it into words, this love is FAR, FAR FAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR MILLION TIMES ABUNDANT, EVERLASTING, PUREST OF PURE, AMAZING, SPEECHLESS LOVE of JESUS my Abba that cannot be found in anyone else.

Now I know what it means to LOVE GOD. I love you Jesus. I love you sooooooooo much HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

So, friends, never think your alone, you do not need nobody’s love more than the Love of Christ which satisfies your Soul with his everlasting and abundant love, I know my soulmate is there in our spiritual country governed by Christ and he will come to me at Abba’s appointed time till then I’m sooooooooo happy in my singleness as I am LOVED so much by Christ already.

Father bless you, SHALOM.


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