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God Speaking

GOD truly with all my heart came to me in a dream!! The next day I went and bought a journal. this is what I saw. I call it GOD SPEAKING!

I thank GOD for showing me the right way, which might be different to others but to my soul is true. For being patient with me and showing me the light. He showed me the world of torture that one day will be (sorry he didn’t tell me the date). That is for him to know, not I. There will be no way I will be there. I will stand up and show my praise for GOD and know that I am a servant for GOD. I need and want GOD in my life. GOD is power over everything, even me. I’ve seen things so great and so powerful. I thank GOD for this. I’ve seen hell and all it’s sin. All the disgusting sin. I felt the sorrow, all the pain, all that is bad, and all that is dark. Trust me this isn’t where you want to be. To be is to feel sin crawling in and out of you. You have no control. Through this he stuck by my side guiding me through. Revealing it for me to tell all. I told him I couldn’t take anymore. He told me hold onto your faith for me you will be fine. It will all be worth it in the end. So, I believed.

I kept my faith strong in front of me like a shield of armor for all sin to see. Sin tried to pull me down. Every path he led me down was like a tunnel of sin. It was to the glory of GOD that moved me through this. My faith is stronger now than ever. GOD was truthful to me he said keep your faith as you move forward and it will be worth it in the end. Suddenly, I awoke gasping for air as if for the first time in my life. That is when he pushed me to my knees and pulled my hands to the heavens. That’s when the HOLY SPIRIT took over and I saw nothing but bright beauty. Like thunder GOD talked. God told me it was time to rise. A hot rush ran through my body. I had been blessed! That was the night GOD saved me!!!!!


  1. matthew 3/16/2012
  2. Godsgift27 3/24/2012

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