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Hiding, Relatives Searching for Me for Honour Killing

My name is Sobuj Ali. I grew up in a devoted Muslim family. I lived in a joined family. There are my two uncles. They are Islamic scholar and Imam in mosque.

My maternal uncle is a leader of the Islamic political party in our area. In my childhood I read in Islamic school. I practiced Islamic religion strongly from my childhood. I am a bookworm from my childhood. I like to read lot of books. I read the Qur’an a lot of times. I read the Islamic all Shahih Hadith. From my childhood I love Dr. Zakir Naik so much.

When I was 14 years old, I started to make questions against Qur’an. My early questions were about belief in fate and war crimes in Islamic history. Mohammad’s sexual life and war crimes forced me to be atheist. But I was believing that there is creator of the world. To know more about religion, I started to read all kinds of religious books and their history. I started to read about Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and at last Christianity.

When I read Christianity first, I fell in love Jesus Christ and Matthew chapters 5 to 7. After that I read the Bible for 5 years regularly and I wrote all questions and tried to find out all answers from Bible by reading again and again. And in 2018 I understood that Bible is true, and the God of the Bible is the true God. I decided to know about Christian people. For that reason, I tried to find out Christian people.

My country name is Bangladesh. Here it’s 0.30% Christian. It means only a half million people are Christian. Where 155 million people are Muslim. So, I hope you understand that it’s not easy to find them. After one year I found a Catholic friend but there are many things I didn’t agree with. Out of half million Christian Catholics are 400,000. So, it’s most difficult to know another denomination. But I started to find. And I talked with Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal.

At last, I decided to be Christian. But when I decided it, my family forced me come back to Islam. They wanted to kill me. Even they used the police. For that reason, for my safety, I governmentally affidavited my religion from Islam to Christianity. When my family and relatives heard it, they got angry. My family called me home. I went and they punished me. At last, when I didn’t want to be Muslim again, they forced me to write some agreement by Notary that I don’t claim my father’s money or property.

After that they locked me up and two days later by my sister’s help, I escaped from my house. Still now I am hiding, and my relatives and parents are searching me for honour killing. I am now at [removed for safety]. But I don’t know how long day I can be safe. I am trying to go abroad for my safety. I saved some money for that. But it’s not easy to go another country without anyone’s paper help. I know that no one can help me accept our Heavenly Father. For that reason, I am praying and praying.

Maybe I will be dead any time. But I share my testimony here because, everyone needs to understand that Philippians 3[story is cut off here].


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