A young man lying in bed next to his wife with his eyes closed, hands clasped in prayer.

Has Anything Like This Ever Happened to You?

Like most people in America, as I grew up, I was told that I was a Christian. So naturally, I thought I was. However, during my teenage years and in my twenties, I certainly didn’t act like it.

I had a good job, and I was very proud. I also was very selfish with my time and money. I thought only of myself.

After I was married, one day out of the blue, my wife asked me to teach her the Bible. I thought I was smart and therefore, I could do that pretty easily. So, I agreed to teach her the Bible.

I went to a grocery store and bought a book on how to study the Bible. Then I bought a Bible. I followed the instructions for studying the Bible for an hour every night before I went to bed.

I studied the first night, then then second night, and then the third night. I really wasn’t getting anything out of it at all. Then on the fourth night, God became very real to me.

At that point, I shut the books and went to bed. Lying in bed, wide awake, next to my sleeping wife, I told God that I had done a lot of wrong and bad things in my life.

I told God that I didn’t really deserve His love or any forgiveness at all.

I told Him that I really did believe that He was real, and that Jesus was His Son.

I told God that I knew Jesus died on the cross and came back to life again.

I totally surrendered my whole life to God.

I told God that I was not surrendering my life to Him for anything that He could do for me, because I didn’t deserve anything. But that I was surrendering my life to Him just because He was God.

And right then God, changed me forever. Right there in my bed, right next to my sleeping wife.

Before that night, I was proud and selfish and cared only about myself. Then after that night, I was different.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, I greatly loved God and cared deeply about other people. Much to my surprise, God had completely changed my heart. I was what the Bible calls “born again”.

Anyway, I am still changed like that today. The change didn’t wear off. God was with me then, and He has never left me. And that was over 40 years ago.

That is my testimony.

Has anything like that ever happened to you?


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