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Lord Jesus Freed Me from The Illuminati

Hello everybody, my name is Justine Jose Marie R. Dahino, 34, I live in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental from Philippines and I wanted to share my testimony of how our lord and savior, Jesus Christ saved my life.

I finished kinder, elementary and high school (old curriculum) only. I didn’t finish college because I keep changing courses and maybe I still don’t know what to take at that time. I don’t have a job and I don’t have money yet. Suddenly, I thought about selling my soul to the devil. Is there such a thing? Can you really sell your soul to the devil? But how?

I thought about the celebrities. I heard that they were members of the illuminati. I knew these celebrities’ dark secrets. They will be exposed in the name of Jesus Christ. I knew the illuminati because of Dan Brown’s book, Angels and Demons. I saw on the internet that it has benefits if you want to join the illuminati. The benefits are money, fame, a house, a car, a vacation and a passport where you can visit any country for free if you are willing to sell your soul to the devil. You can join the illuminati even if you are very far from the country. Distance is not a barrier. You can join the illuminati online and you need to download WhatsApp and install it.

I visited the illuminati website and clicked on the WhatsApp icon. The icon leads you to the 1st illuminati member. I message the 1st member that I want to join the illuminati. The 1st member sends me a message. The 1st member told me to record myself while reciting the message and send the video. He even sent me an example video.

I followed the instructions. I was even thinking twice if I should really continue or not. But I decided to continue. So, I send the video to the 1st member. The 1st member told me more about the illuminati and the benefits. I will get $900,000,000 dollars and $200,000,000 dollars after each two months, a certificate and oath. Then the 1st member sends me an online application form that I have to answer.

My answer depended on if they will let me join the illuminati or not. So, I answered each question. I even took a selfie of my face, half faced and whole faced pictures and a fake birth certificate. I didn’t send the 1st member my real birth certificate. After few hours, the 1st member congratulated me that I passed the 1st step. The 1st member sends me a confirmation message and a new contact number. The 1st member told me that I should send the confirmation message to the new contact number. I followed the instructions again.

The 2nd illuminati member replied and congratulated me for being a very brave young person to join the illuminati. The 2nd member was a white American male. He told me to buy 3 red candles, 1 egg and a bowl. I should buy them before 11pm because after 11pm, my journey to success will end here. He sends me a satanic prayer and they worship Baphomet. The statue of wealth, fame, power and etc. He sends me an example video too.

He told me that I will get my $900,000,000 dollars, a certificate and an oath after this. I followed the instructions. I lit the three red candles, placed them apart above the bowl. The water should be normal, not cold or hot. Then I placed the egg in the bowl carefully. Then, I recited the satanic prayer while recording and send the video.

He thumbs upped the video and told me that he will contact me soon. He told me that I should keep and hide the egg. No human should see the egg. The egg represents my soul. I don’t know what will happen if a human sees the egg and I don’t want to know. It took 2 weeks after he contacted me again. He congratulated me again. He sends me another confirmation message and a new contact number. He told me to send the confirmation message to the 3rd illuminati member. I followed the instructions.

The 3rd member was a black American male. He congratulated me and told me that I should buy the freemasonry garment to become an official member of the illuminati. After that they will release my first benefit of $900,000,000 dollars. The membership is free, but the freemasonry garment is not free. I told him that I don’t have money and he told me to leave.

But I told him that I have money from the election day. That was during the election day, and we just went home from voting out of town. He told me to count the money I had, so I counted. My money was only over 4,000 pesos. I ask him which freemasonry garment has the lowest price. He sends me pictures of the garments and told me that I should choose first before he will tell the price.

So, I choose the 1st garment, but the price was over 30 thousand dollars something and I choose another garment and he told me that the garment I chose was the lowest priced one. The price was over 4,000 pesos. He told me that I should send the money through western union. But I begged him that I will send the money to him tomorrow morning because it’s already nighttime here in the Philippines. So, he let me.

The next morning, I didn’t go to my parents and my cousins because of this. They were going to visit our dead loved ones out of town. I went out of the house and visit western union branches in at Divisoria. I tried to send the money, but I couldn’t send it to the address because my ids and my passport were both expired.

I chatted with the black American male about it and begged him to give me another chance to renew my ids and my passport. But he didn’t give me a chance. He told me to buy the freemasonry garment, or I will die. I told him that I should just keep the egg forever, but he told me that the egg will break soon because I didn’t buy the freemasonry garment.

I went home and cried. I was helpless. When my parents and my cousins got home that afternoon, I tried not to cry. I didn’t tell my parents about this either. I tried to pretend that I was fine and tried not to show it to them. I knew I was in big trouble, but I didn’t tell them because I don’t want to make them worry and it was my fault anyway. I started blaming myself… why did I join the illuminati.

I knew they are a satanic cult, yet I still joined because of money. I was even willing to sacrifice my soul for my family. I know that selling your soul to the devil is bad, but I still did it. That first night, I couldn’t sleep. I opened YouTube and search for protection prayers. I listened to the prayers with my earphones, and it did help. I was able to sleep but I didn’t lock the door because what if I will die that night and my parents couldn’t open the door of my room?

I started doing self-deliverance videos. I am actually not a prayerful person but what happened to me, I started praying and praying really helped me getting some sleep. I’ve decided to read the bible. I have a pocket bible that I got when I was still in high school. The pocket bible was a New Testament. The pocket bible was only kept in the bookshelf but now I was finally able to read it after a very long time.

I keep looking at the egg and getting worried if the egg will suddenly break. I admitted that I was going to die. I even wrote my death letter. I even fell asleep while I was crying. I watched Christian videos to give me comfort and funny videos so that I could just laugh at my situation. Nobody knows my situation, only God knows. I’ve decided to put my trust to God even though I just disobeyed him by trying to sell my soul to the devil for money. I’ve tried to avoid watching celebrity videos. I tried to follow and obey God’s commandments. I even hid the small mama Mary statue that I had in the cabinet. There shalt be no graven image or a statue.

I decided to repent my sins to God. I could still remember what I said:

“God, I confess and ask for your forgiveness. I sold my soul to the devil. I want to go back to your kingdom, amen.”

I came across this site where this person accidentally joined a satanic cult and wanted to get out but doesn’t know how. This ex-satanist commented on the question and told something to God in his own private room. Then, the next day, his Christian friend called the ex-satanist person that he escaped Satan and his kingdom of darkness then everything was history. So, I said the same words that the ex-satanist said to God too. I couldn’t remember the words. I wished I bookmarked it.

One time, when I opened YouTube, there’s a video that appeared on the screen entitled “LISTEN TO THIS ANGELIC SONG THAT SHOOK THE INTERNET.” I was ignoring the video and didn’t click it because I was looking at other videos. But this video keeps on appearing. So, I click it. I put on my earphones and listened to the music. I started crying. My tears wouldn’t stop from falling.

The people in the video started manifesting themselves too as the music played. The demons inside those people were manifesting. This woman even said that her body was healed. I downloaded and saved the music on my tablet. Whenever I played the music with my earphones on, I started crying uncontrollably.

The owner who composed the music said that he had a dream from God or from lord Jesus Christ. He told everyone that he had to compose the music exactly the same from the dream. The music came from heaven. He said that there were thousands of angels singing the lyrics. The music will set you free. The title of the music was “you are the almighty God” and be sure to play the music carefully. You might start crying just like me or whether you have a demon in you, and it will start manifesting.

I suffered for 2 weeks until I felt something that Monday afternoon. My papa and I just arrived at my mama’s school to fetch her. My chest felt light. I knew this feeling before all this illuminati chaos started. That same day, I decided to break the egg because I don’t want to keep the egg any longer. I tried to be brave. I hit the egg against the floor but not too hard. When I looked at the egg, the egg cracked, and I panic.

So, I hid the egg again. The next day, I was really determined to break the egg. I tried to be brave again. I smash the egg against the floor and the egg was finally broken. The yellow liquid was flowing against the floor. The black American male said that I will die if the egg breaks, but nothing happened. I was still alive.

I cried tears of joy. So, I chatted the black American male that I was still alive but then he told me the date, December 27. It wasn’t over yet. I continued reading the bible daily, pray daily, watch Christian videos and worship God and Jesus Christ using Christian music.

When I opened YouTube again, a video appeared on the screen. The video was about a man seeking God and he was an illuminati and freemason member. The man of God does deliverance to the man. The demon inside the man was the fallen angel himself, Lucifer. Lucifer told Harry that the man thought he was God, so he let the devil enter inside his body. The devil mentioned about the illuminati and how the man was initiated in the secret society.

The devil also mentioned about the secret society did some rituals to the man and they took the man’s soul and spirit to the grave. The devil even mentioned about the man being spiritually dead. I was spiritually dead myself. So that’s what they were doing during those 2 weeks.

I don’t know why but I felt as if God was trying to help me through this video. Maybe God knew that I’m smart. I searched about the meaning of spiritually dead. Being spiritually dead is a separation from God. I search how to defeat being spiritually dead by reading the bible, pray and worship God and lord Jesus Christ. But there is still other way to defeat being spiritually dead, the salvation prayer. I said the sinner’s prayer and the salvation prayer. I repented again especially unforgiveness because what if God will not forgive me?

On December 26, 2023, I opened YouTube and clicked on the nothing is impossible with God prayer. I keep on thinking that nothing will happen to me tomorrow on December 27, 2023 because I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and my savior with my own mouth again. I thought to myself, “Lord Jesus, whatever happens tomorrow, I’ll put it under your feet.”

When December 27, 2023, comes, nothing happened. We were on a boat during that time because we are going to attend a wedding on December 28. I was still alive. I thought to myself that it’s too early to celebrate. I didn’t even tell this to my parents. I kept it to myself.

I chatted the black American male that it’s passed December 27 already and yet I was still alive. The black American male told me that my soul still belongs to them. I told them,

“I don’t think so and goodbye!”

He told me, they shall see. I tried to be brave again. I told myself that my soul belongs to Jesus forever and ever. I never told them that I believe in lord Jesus Christ and that’s why I didn’t die. I didn’t tell him that so that he will never know why I am still alive. We celebrated new year at Cebu.

Then we had vacation at Bohol from January 1 to January 7, 2024. Before we went home to Cagayan de Oro, I thank God in my mind for answering my prayers and thank him that he let me see more of his creations. I knew Jesus Christ, but I never knew that once you believe in lord Jesus Christ you will not die. I believed in him. Sometimes I had doubts that what if God will not forgive me or has forgotten me. I knew that it was the devil talking inside my head, but I didn’t let him win.

I keep my belief and my faith. I tried my best to fight fear because God didn’t give us the spirit of fear. I became resilient because of lord Jesus Christ. I walk by faith not by sight anymore. I even renounced the illuminati and vow to never go back. I even did another self-deliverance video and prayer against premature death too. When that man mentioned premature death, I started yawning.

For your information, I really don’t know anything about self-deliverance but somehow, I know how to do it. Self-deliverance from YouTube is still effective until today. I found a site were there’s a prayer that plead the blood of lord Jesus Christ and you can still get out even though you already sold your soul to the devil through this prayer. The woman even said that the devil will not touch you and if the devil does, the devil will become a good devil.

So, I said the prayer with my own mouth. I bookmarked the site. I surrendered my life to lord Jesus Christ because my enemy is not an ordinary enemy. My enemy is the illuminati, a satanic cult. I gave up everything. I’ve decided to follow lord Jesus Christ faithfully and obey God’s commandments. I continued to read the bible daily, pray daily using daily prayer guide app, the app has morning and evening prayers and worship God and lord Jesus Christ using Christian music.

That’s how our lord and savior, Jesus Christ saved me. They heard me. God heard my confession. Our loving Father in heaven is still merciful. I believe that there is God, that there is Jesus Christ, mama Mary, angels, saints, heaven and even demons and hell itself. I felt that God was testing me as the date was getting closer to December 27, 2023. My faith was really tested.

I even thought of suicide because I don’t want my soul to belong to the illuminati. But if I kill myself, I’ll end up in hell. I didn’t give up on lord Jesus Christ and he didn’t give up on me. I did everything I could, but we still need lord Jesus Christ to save us. I am a believer.


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