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Life Changer (I Met God at Youth Camp)

Hi, My Name is Tesia and I am 15 years old. My testimony was that I grew up in a Christian home in a loving home a caring environment and that I would go to church every Sunday. In elementary I had a good childhood better than most people and I would pray every day.

My middle school life was tough and changing because I got separated from all my elementary schools because I applied for a different school. But even though I had got split from my friends but I had such a good time because I met knew friends.

But the changing point in my life was in my 8th grade year when my parents became really distant from me and they’ve became not parent like and it really killed me on the inside because they weren’t caring at all and they only focused on there life and because of that I got really distant from God because I had these thoughts,

“Why do you do this to me? Why have you given me parents like this?”

and I just hated God and then I got really depressed because I started losing my friends because of rumors spread by my classmates about my other friend and I was trying to stand up for her because she was getting really depressed and I hate when people get depressed, so I started telling my other friends off because I thought it was unfair for her to listen to her own friends spread rumors about her.

So while I was standing up for my friends, my other friends got mad and then they started disliking me, so I had no friends except for that one friend who went to another school. And no one would love me and no one would really talk to me so I got super depressed to the point where I was suicidal, but I had these feelings in the back of my head that someone loves me and someone cares about me, so I kept trying and trying to make my life better.

My 9th grade (first year of high school) was pretty downhill because I would never try in school like I hated it because I get teased everyday for my Korean accent and my name because Tesia is hard to pronounce and for all the insecurities I had, I managed to survive it and this summer I heard about a camp called INFUSION from my church Infusion was a 10 day summer camp in Kona, Hawaii where kids from 12-18 just encounter God and meet him clearer than ever and its not a retreat high where you go back home and you forget everything, but I was so focused on band I was thinking oh Infusions not going to be worth it, i’m not going to go.

But I just kept getting this thought that I have to go to that camp, so I thought

“Maybe this is a calling that I have to listen to and music can wait, but this cant.”

So, I chose to go to Infusion and on the first night of worship we had this prayer time where all the staff would pray for the students (me) and that night I got rid of depression, anxiety, fear of man, and fear of disappointment and I felt like a new person, and I just felt the Holy Spirit in my life for the first time in my life.

I really loved Infusion because that week I met God clearer than ever and I just felt him every day in my life and I could hear him so clearer and the staff were so helpful and these people at Infusion were people that don’t judge your past and they don’t care about your insecurities and they just really care for you and they pray for you and make you who you really are in Gods image.

Also I think that Infusion was my turning point in my life, because now I am free of fear and all the insecurities I had in my life. And in Infusion I learned that you should just love on people and encourage people because you don’t know what that person was dealing with and also that God is always trying to talk to you and always here for you, so you can rant to God because he will hear your problems and help you to get rid of it.

And the last thing was that I learned that you have a voice so you should NEVER be afraid to share the gospel because if you really really mean it God will do the work for you and that you are so worth it so you should always say whats on your mind. After Infusion I got to share my testimony at church and a lot of people listened to me and they were really happy that I was able to share and I really want to start a bible club at my high school because I want to save my classmates and let them meet who God is and how he is so loving and how he cares about you so much.

I really want to just have the courage to talk to random strangers at a shopping mall or the streets and just talk about God and encourage them like how I was encouraged in Infusion and after high school I am planning to do a DTS which is a missionary school for 6 months before going into college. Thank you so much for reading and please give me feedback and just words of what you think! Just email me at tesiaaws at gmail dot com 🙂 Thank you guys so much.

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