Woman praying

God Changed my Test Results and Healed me from AIDS

When I was 17, I got raped. Due to that I had to have a rape kit done. My doctor called me and told me that I needed to come back into the office to receive my test results. I knew there was something wrong, going into their thinking it was something treatable, or maybe herpes at the worst, totally not expecting what I was about to hear.

The doctor sat me and my mother down, asked me if I wanted my mom in the room, me replying “yeah, why not” the doctor Looked at the report, sadly saying,

“You’re HIV positive.”

That moment, my whole world crumbled, I really can’t even explain it, at that moment all I could think about was death. I mean I was still a kid, not really knowing much about the disease, except that it can kill you, and it’s not curable. I kept telling the doctor There’s a mistake, that’s not right, so on. He told us that we could recheck my blood but until then to go home and clean, get rid of all the razors i might have used, make sure no one else uses my toothbrush, and to even wash our clothes separately.

Anyways I had a lil boy at the time, he was 2-3 years old. The whole week I had to wait for my blood work to come back, all I did was lay on the couch, crying, I wouldn’t even let me son near me, scared I’d give him something (I didn’t know much about the disease). I read all about it though. Just in case I was positive, I’d know what to expect and so on. My family members came to visit me (my uncle particularly); he is my pastor also. But they came to visit, letting me know that they all would still love me, and not treat me any different…(that was hard)?

But in the meantime, there’s one thing I did, that changed my life…I PRAYED TO GOD WITH MY WHOLE HEART, weeping, promising him I’d turn my life around, and so on… well after that week passed, I gotta phone call one morning round 9am…it was my family doctor. He called to let me know my test came back…NEGATIVE.

I said, “No AIDS?”

He said, “No AIDS, HIV, herpes, etc.”

OMG… I screamed with joy… knowing my God had changed my test result… I wanted to share this testimony to let people know no matter what the doctors say, God always has the final say so always believe, have faith and pray, pray, PRAY. God is a healer, miracle working God, an on-time God. Never doubt one bit. He holds all the answers to life!