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God Healed Me from Herpes 2

Hi all! I’ve been eager to share my testimony with the world so here it goes. Growing up I was raised to worship God due to my parents. I remember as a very young child my siblings and I were forced to go to church until I was saved and accepted Jesus Chris into my life.

Although after being saved I went back to the world and found myself being in two waters. Long story short I found myself in a relationship with this guy for a long time until things broke off. He was the only guy I’ve been with n lost my virginity to.

Until one day after graduating high school one of my friends and I went to a party, which of course God was not there only the devil. I ended up getting drunk and having lust for one particular guy at the party. I’ve only been with one guy and was curious to know what was like to have sex with another person. This only came to thought after we bonded in the party.

One thing led to another, and the devil ended up getting the best of me that night. After we had sex one of his friends told me he put a pill in my drink which helped me reason why I got so drunk. I remember seeing myself in a corner of the party feeling so alone and scared. Two weeks later I ended up feeling a really uncomfortable pain down my privacy as if I had a yeast infection. I completely ignored it but something inside me told me something was wrong. So, all I did was pray.

Three weeks later I felt an enormous burn down my private area and each day was worse. I thought please God don’t let it be a std just some kind of bacterial infection. I ended up sharing my issue and pain to my parents n older sis. I didn’t know what I had until I went to the clinic and was told I had herpes.

Depression hit me like never before I looked up at the wall and there was a portrait of Jesus I felt hope and Gods embrace all around. Although I was only 18 n thought wow is this really happening to me ive only slept with two guys I argued with God n then said sorry.

My dad suddenly spoke to our pastor and the pastor made the decision to bring a minister to pray for all the sick. That Sunday after the service was over the minister then called all sick to the alter and my dad came up with me praying as well. The minister that was invited to our church then said your faith will heal you in 15 days the ones with faith will be healed, so mark down each day in your calendar.

On the 15 day before I woke up. God revealed me a dream of about 30 people in a body of water as if we were getting baptized. I tried to look at the minister in my dream but a light surrounded him I couldn’t see his face but his white cloth he raised me from the water and I felt born again. I woke up from the dream I realized todays the 15 day I’m healed. I ran to the bathroom because I had my period but this time. I had no outbreak I usually got an outbreak or felt a burn when I had my period.

My faith was super strong that I ran to my dad hugged him and said,

“Dad I’m healed.”

He said okay and was speechless. 7 years have passed, and I’ve never gotten an outbreak again. I’ve gone to clinics to test me specifically in herpes after and twice two different clinics said I tested negative. God bless you all God is real and almighty turn your life to him in purity have faith. There’s nothing wrong to pray for faith. You are just important believe in your God and he will give you the eternity if you ask and believe in him. I love you God is forever with you. Amen.


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