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God Healed Me of HSV

So, my story is like this. I grew up in the church and knew God my whole life, but I never had a relationship with him. I had gone through a tough time as a teenager really straying away from my teachings. Living very wild and being disobedient and really just running from God and my calling.

So fast forward I was in a time where I was very lost and just had a spirit of depression all over me. I was looking for love because I didn’t feel it anywhere. So, I decided to just sleep with a man I didn’t even know. A man I had just met through an app. I thought I would feel better feel loved and I was so very wrong.

I ended up getting HSV.

I had started to feel symptoms looked it up got tested and realized that I had it. As you can imagine I was devastated. I was broken and hurt and angry and felt like my life was over. But then I remembered my faith. I remembered growing up and hearing stories of miraculous healings. Something told me (the holy spirit) that this wasn’t my story. This wasn’t my fate. Jesus died so that I could be healed and live life more abundantly. Something was telling me if I gave my life to Jesus that he would bring me through it.

So I wiped my tears got up and started looking for people with a testimony. I found quite a few on the internet and even some on this very site. (And I knew that when I got healed I would come back here and share it) I looked at YouTube videos of people who have been healed from this disease and it very well happened for them. Test results coming back negative and everything.

So, what did I do? I opened my bible and cracked down. I studied the character of Jesus. He forgives! He heals! He wants us to be healed! He literally wants us for it. I had completely dedicated my life to Jesus and became so consumed in him my whole turned around. I had a newfound hope. A newfound joy. I had that love I was looking for. I had never had it before. I literally met Jesus. He started speaking to me. Before you knew it my faith grew. Because I read that Jesus can heal through our faith.

And I was worshipping one day, and I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to open up my test results. I opened them and found out it was negative. I did not have the disease anymore. I was stunned. I cried I rejoiced I was stunned. I almost couldn’t believe it. It was what I prayed for. God told me he was going to heal me, and he did!

It took me time to build courage to share this story and now I’m sharing it and I’m here to tell you God will heal you too. Commit to him. Ask for forgiveness and commit all your ways to him! Some of what I did, was obviously read my Bible every day, seek him diligently, I went to church and asked for prayer, I submitted my name to prayer forum, I went to the website u2jesus, looked at YouTube videos, and I went to a healing room. Guys Jesus heals. Have faith and seek him and he will do it for you! He did it for me.


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