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Left for Dead… Touched by God

My story begins on August 29th, 2002. Like usual I dropped my wife of 23 years Larissa off at work and wake my best friend and employee Paul. He had recently come to stay with us after becoming homeless. I would later find out there was a spark between them when they first met. I had a contract with a customer to do some painting that Paul was driving me to. I arrived at the jobsite around 10:30 a.m.

I was not thinking clearly from the drinking and drugging I had done the night before. I remember fighting the evil voice in my head telling me to put a telescope that was in the home into my car. Against my better judgment I put it in my car. The owner returned home and asked me why the telescope was in my car. I was scared and didn’t wanna cause a scene or commit any violence to get away.

I told my customer to call police and I waited for my nightmare to begin. I was originally charged with a non-violent burglary. I had plenty of money to bail out of jail, but my wife and Paul cut the phone off’ and took all my money. I wanted to die! The two most important people in my life betrayed me. This pain and abandonment consumed me.

One day this younger guy showed me this thing called the Bible. That is when my outlook started to change. I started to suffer from absessed teeth while in jail. They were pulled with anti-biotics. The infection came upon me with great pain and a high fever. My left side of my face swell. My mouth swole shut to the point I couldn’t eat. I was starving and in severe pain. I cried out to the nursing staff and was told our friend’s telescope. O Yeah…. My victim was the Director of Victims Advocates. After about 5 days I was losing strength and the pain was driving me insane.

Finally after 7 days I was taken back to the Dentist. He forced a rubber wedge into my mouth and scraped into the infected socket. Tears flowed down the corners of my eyes and I was shackled like a dog. The Dentist then then filled the socket with medicated gauze instructed me to take it out later with toothpick. I guess he forgot I was in jail and no written order was given to the jail.  This caused a disease in my head called Cellulitis. I thought the pain and stretching of my head would explode.  After 12 days I was taking to the ER. The jail then offered me a PR bond in hopes that I would not bring suit against them. Less than 2 days later on a cold December night at 2 a.m. I turned on my cell light and asked a guard for pain medicine in which I was told the nurse forgot to leave for me.

The guard told me to turn my light off and he left. I got up and placed my Bible back on the steel bunk turned my light out. As soon as I touched the Bible my cell became  bright with light that bathed me. The guard returned because he thought I disobeyed him. This light was sent from heaven. This divine light bathed my sick body and healed me completely, No more pain! God’s word is all I have had for over 10 years, no mail, visits or phone calls.

If God comes to my aide through this testimony, I will go to Prisons all over the world to give the testimony God gave me to His glory.  I don’t know what it would take besides a miracle for my charges to put back as non-violent . The state justifies a law that if a person has two or more priors they can make a non-violent crime into a most serious violent crime. In 1988 I plead to 5 non-violent burglary’s. I broke into pinball machines to support my drug habit and was illegally sentenced. I was sentenced at one day and not separately. I am not a violent person. I did not kill or rape anyone but was given 20 years and 1 year later my charge was changed to 1st degree burglary and most seriously violent. May God touch you to help me and who knows maybe I’ll get some mail out of this for it has been a long long ten years. I will pray for each of you.


Michael J. Cline #156213

Turbeville Correctional Inst. S-B-172

P.O. BOX 252

Turbeville, SC 29162

michaelcline325 at yahoo dot com


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