Praying Girl

God is Faithful

I want to thank and praise Jesus who is my all in all, my Father who cares for me. I was feeling discouraged and The LORD appointed two people to come to my apartment block to talk to me and I received some reading material from them. Although I do not believe in joining groups, the reading material and the sincerity of the two persons impressed and encouraged me that God is near to me. It confirmed to me that He does not want me giving my services to the agenda of this world’s system. He wants me to be pure for Him. The LORD keeps reminding me that He has reserved a people that will not bow to baal or serve baal not because they are anything but because He has called chosen them to remain faithful. He has empowered them to remain steadfastly faithful to Him! Praise Jesus :o)

I needed some cartons for my move interstate and I committed to The LORD about that. I also wanted to buy some raisin bread as the bread has now spoilt. When I got to the supermarket, The LORD made me to consider about asking whether they had some spare cartons I could have. I thought to myself that they would not give to me I didn’t think… I happened to walk around the corner of an aisle to an assistant who was filling stock and I asked if I could buy some boxes (I felt silly to ask) and he didn’t quite understand it but looked at me bewildered and said these boxes are empty and gave me two of them ! I was so grateful…

I decided not to buy the bread as the timing was not right (I didn’t want the bread to spoil sitting in the car under the hot sunshine) so I went to the library and then on my way home wanted to stop by a kiosk to get the raisin bread. There was only one parking bay available and the car next to it had parked over the bay a little which made it dangerous for me to park there, I decided to go home and leave the car there and come get the bread on foot instead. When I arrived my apartment unit, on the gate was a plastic bag with a loaf of raisin bread in it! The LORD had put it on my neighbour’s heart to do that, bless The LORD and my neighbour… I ate three slices and wept with gratitude.

Friends, God cares for us so much. If we would sincerely ask Him to fill our needs rather than go fill our need ourselves we will see He is faithful to provide and He can do it beating all…