Sad woman - It didn't go very well

I Cried Out to God for Help. God is Awesome!

I wrote an exam last year November. I came out of the exam and actually cried because it didn’t go too well. I was depressed for a few days and thought I may not pass the exam. A friend encouraged me and I decided to commit it into God’s able hands. I am writing this testimony to encourage others to trust in God.

Prior to the exam, I was told by people who had written the exam before me that I had to read a particular textbook from cover to cover. This textbook is enormous and I was unable to read through all the chapters. I felt very inadequately prepared for the exam. In fact, I took time off work to study but I ended up not being able to study much because I started having terrible headaches that would last for hours and leave me very exhausted.

I cried out to God for help. I asked Him to help me choose the right answers in the exam as He had done for me in a previous exam. Then I finally wrote the exam, and it seemed like I chose wrong answers on a lot of questions. I was very devastated and depressed. I prayed and trusted God for a miracle.

God answered!

The results came out and I passed! Glory be to God!

For someone out there taking an exam that looks insurmountable, Just trust in Our Powerful and All Knowing God! He will make things perfect for you. He loves us with an everlasting love and would never let us down. Trust in God for all success!


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