Thankful woman walking.

God Delivered Me from DID

A product of childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect, as an adult I wound up fractured, wounded and destroyed. After 30 years of depression, suicidality, and anxiety, being unable to hold down a job, having financial crises and relationship issues, I was left with the mental illness of Dissociative Identity Disorder, also known as, Multiple Personality Disorder. A believer the entire time, I sought the Lord in my severely damaged state and together we found the best care in Atlanta to address my illness. With everything in me, I was determined to arise from these ashes of my childhood trauma.

I sought intensive treatment that took multiple years over numerous modalities, along with inner healing prayer and trauma counseling to overcome DID. A disorder for which the Cleveland Clinic states there is no cure was strangling me, but I was determined. God was my only hope. Six years after the diagnosis I am no longer suffering from DID. I am healed, integrated and set free from DID! Only God!

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