Hospital Room Patient

Back from the Dead

On October 2, 2009 I was told by my cardiologist to return on the 9th for an echocardiogram to confirm VSD – adult.

On October 14, 2009 I went to my Cardiologist for an Angiogram in the Catheterization Laboratory to make sure there was blockage for surgery to close the hole in my heart. During the angiogram I suffered a Myocardial infarction.

I passed away for about 20 to 22 seconds. The warm blue ink caused a piece of plaque to break off and lodge into my left main coronary artery and cut off all blood and oxygen. The rt. coronary artery was completely blocked. It was so so painful like an elephant sitting on my chest and my heart feeling it was going to burst at any second. They had a coronary defibrillator that was placed on my shoulders twice.

When I was stabilized two stents where put in two days later from ICU I complained of heart pains they decided to go back into my heart to put six more stents into my rt. coronary artery. I’m a miracle because with a hole in my heart and a completely blocked RCA GOD still allow me to live.

The cardiologist told me that patients have passed away with no damage to their heart. I know it’s true because people have died during angiogram procedure. I have a blocked main artery and VSD-Adult and the LORD still brings me back from the dead. I’m not finished I have to get the VSD-Adult problem fixed. There is a hole between the Rt. ventricle and the Lt. ventricle pouring oxygen pure blood in with the deoxygenated blood causing shortness of breath etc.

So, sometime in 2010 the surgery will happen, and I look forward to it. I’m confident that the LORD is for me, and HE has great things for me to accomplish for his Kingdom. What’s so incredible about this is that I was weighing 245 lbs. doing over-hand pull-ups for 18 to 20 reps for sets of 12. I was curling 135 lbs for 8 reps. sets of 5. I was a member of the Planet Fitness I worked all the machines with maximum weight. I had never been stronger in my entire life. All the time GOD knew I could die at any moment. My right coronary was completely blocked, and I had a hole in my rt. ventricle. His name is LOVE and MERCY.


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