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Healed of Migraines

I was healed of migraines and scalp nerve damage!

I had a bad reaction to cosmetic filler.

I had headaches/migraines on the top of my scalp in various areas of my head for two years. They never left me. It was awful.

I continued to pray for healing and now I can’t even remember how they felt. God took away even the memory of the pain.

I prayed everyday. Quoted scripture, spoke to the mountain and kept praying and speaking the word of God healing scriptures out loud.

I had notecards that I would read out loud almost everyday with scriptures and prayed to god about what I wanted in my life praying in Jesus name laying before god the vision of what I wanted my life to look like asking for him to fulfill it.

He healed me of migraines!!!

One of the other things I asked for was a job where I could earn a full time paycheck that was not ruining my life to pay bills. A job that allowed me to take care of my family.

I worked a variety of bad jobs but the door finally opened. It took God time to get the wrong people out to move me in.

During that waiting time it looked like God was ignoring me but he wasn’t he was working behind the scenes to put me in the job I asked for. He had to move people to make room for me. Maybe God is doing that for you that maybe why it’s taking longer than you would expect.

During that time God sent me a lady at my coffee shop. I never saw the woman before, but she walked up to me and said

“God is going to help you.”

Whatever your going thru, he’s going to work it out. I thought that was amazing. My headaches faded shortly after that.,

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