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Brandon Duncan: 12+ Felony Convictions, 15 Years in Prison to Podiums and Pulpits

A no-one from no where special. Addicted to drugs and drink by age 14 and graduating to felony crimes by 15. Traveled from 15 to 20 when I was arrested for a DUI.

Wanted in several states, law enforcement extradited me over 5000 miles in handcuffs and leg irons as I faced hundreds of years for Armed robbery, burglary, credit card fraud, possession of drugs and DUI.

After 13 years inside more than 12 different prisons and penitentiaries,  I was once again considering murder when guards informed me that my dad had died.

Guilt, shame and pain consumed me when reality hit me that I am not a killer and don’t want to spend the rest of my life inside prison or die inside.

It was in those darkest moments, March of 2004, that I truly surrendered to the LORD, pleading and asking Him to take the evil away from my heart and soul, fill me with Love and make me worthy.

Studying the WORD of God, striving to walk as a new man in Christ, I struggled and fell back into my violent hateful behaviors. I stayed in the WORD though and that saved me from going all the way back.

God revealed to me that all of my real life experiences would be used to glorify what He can do in and through someone. God was leading me to be part of a youth ministry that would focus in gang intervention and outreach. Prisons were infested with gangs, gangs that recruited and trained inside and reached from those places all the way to the streets and millions of kids are at risk.

In 2006 I emerged from a Missouri penitentiary and striving to be of service. I struggled and tried to just adjust to life in the free world. Visiting churches, sharing my testimony where and when ever I could. While in prison I corresponded with a biker ministry and they invited me to share at a gathering and it was then that I realized I would be sharing my testimony and serving in the capacity as an evangelist, speaker and minister of the GOSPEL.

Volunteering where ever I could, sharing testimony at youth functions and churches. By 2009 I was serving with an established ministry and went forward with the visions of FIERCE YOUTH OUTREACH.

Legally established Fierce Youth Outreach in 2009 while also serving with a ministry that has been serving and working with the homeless, addicted and communities for the last 40 years. Visiting group homes, involved in street ministry, speaking at churches, God was opening doors that man could never keep shut.

Interviewed by numerous newspapers, christian radio stations, the international TV program the 700 club. And a special invite to write 4 devotions inside of a daily devotional. Glory to JESUS for using someone who once was not worthy to even be free from incarceration.

Christ calls the least of us and I was in my darkest hour and close to murder and suicide many times over the years yet He knew He was going to use me so He gave me the strength and endurance to get through the dark and walk into the life.

Today I am living proof that JESUS calls the least of us, that He is calling those in the dark to come serve and impact the lives of others.

I praise His precious name for the Love and Life He gave me. My life is His to do what He wills.

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