People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Nothing Impossible for God

ok so here i am once again it’s 1am and i can’t sleep…i’m a nursing student, and my stethoscope (the thing to hear heart beats) just happened to be within my reach. i took it into my hands and i started listening to my heart beat. at first i was analyzing my sounds and just killing time. then it hit me, wow, God’s power is what keeps my heart beating, he is who keeps me moving forward. i could have died in the terrible accident i had (see last post) but i didn’t. update to my testimony: i had 2 accidents within a 5 month time frame. i hit head on to the freeway wall @ 70mph and survived. at the time, i wasn’t saved so all i was worried about was missing work, crashing my car, etc, etc. never did i think to myself, wow, i’m still walking. i remember when i crashed, some guy pulled over and he asked me if i was ok all i did was reach out to this total stranger and just hugged him. i was afraid. so my second accident, i hit head on with a tree, i fell asleep behind the wheel. i hadn’t slept for 3 days because of meth, drinking, marijuana, etc and i was really messed up. that night my “so called friend” told me that i didn’t look very good that maybe i should spend the night. i said ok buy i’m sleeping in the car (because i don’t trust sleeping out of my own home) and when i turned on my car, a police car flashed the light on me (he was passing by the neighborhood) and i felt that i should leave, I KNOW GOD PUT THAT FEELING IN MY HEART. i said no i’ll just leave i’ll be fine. so i left and i had a terrible accident (details see last post) but it all turned out for the best. i quit drugs 100% i remember when i was in ICU, the nurse offered me help and i said no way i don’t need a drug program i can do it alone. she said you won’t be able to. SO GUESS WHAT? I WASN’T ABLE TO DO IT ALONE, I DID IT BECAUSE I ACCEPTED CHRIST INTO MY HEART AND HE HELPED ME! he did it for me and he can do it for you too. you don’t have to be a drug addict, you can be the most normal person (like i thought i was) buy you still need Christ. he is my savior my Lord my EVERYTHING and my heart beats only because of him. looking back to who i used to be and to who i am now, i would naturally say “impossible!” but what is impossible for man, it is possible through God!