Sudan Boy

The Cobra Boy

I am greeting you in the name our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am from Sudan, born in a Christian family, married to Christian and have a two-year-old boy. I faced some problems when I was 4 – 15 years old. I am the first born of my mother and my mother came from a non-believer family; they only believe in cobra which is a snake. Because of my culture, when a first child is born, a child grows up in his uncle’s home. So, when I was born, I went to my uncle’s home.

My grand mom, father and their children were there. They all believed in that cobra they used to pray to on Saturday and Sunday. They used to tell me to go and take the milk to where the cobra is. I went alone to take the milk up to where snake was and give the milk to the cobra and the cobra drank the milk.

When it finished, I came back in peace and that became a chore until I was 11 years old. I used to play with snake, and nothing could happen to me–all became normal to me because I became one of the believers. Also, from that time I used to find things that were lost in the forest. They used to tell me that

“You are one who became a true believer of the cobra because those lucky things were given to you by cobra not by something else.”

At the age of 12 my father came and took me to his home which is my birthplace there I started to go to school in a church very far from our area. If I go to school during my coming from there, I used to get snakes to play with them running and running after them. Also, when I came home at the time of sleep, I used to sleep with one cobra beside me, which means it is protecting me from all dangers at night. My uncle used to come and tell my father that this boy needs more care because if you are going to take him to church, it will cause more problems. My father refused to listen to my uncle.

To make the story short, this problem went on for three years with my parents. My father was bitten by a cobra when he was about to take the snake that we used to sleep with. I and my father went to Gambella town to a hospital. When my father got well, he told me not to go back home to the village and to just follow the school in Presbyterian elementary school.

He left me with one of his brothers’ houses. Until I came to know God through one of the evangelists who used to come and preach the words of God telling me in a different way that God is one in every corner of the world and there is no other God than Jesus Christ and also through a different verse in the Bible.

I became baptized in 1990. I start praying for my parents and my mom’s parents which are my uncle’s family to be free from those devilish things. We all became free of that devil cobra, and we are enjoying the life of Jesus Christ.

I am very happy when I get to this part to tell you what had been going on in my life. I want everyone to pray for me as we are Christians. Your prayer will help me throughout my lifetime. My prayer: May god keep your words, health and families in the right position and that you would not be tempted by devils. AMEN!

Your brother in Christ,



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