Finding Love

Finding Love

For five years I have been depressed I didn’t think anyone loved me or even cared about me. But one day I was at church, hoping to find something, and the past was talking about the death of Jesus and how He had died for everyone in the world, but the only thing I could think was ‘everybody but me’ I was sad and was crying.

Then the pastor looked strait at me and said

“You are loved, you are beautiful, and you are more amazing than the stars themselves and I sure God would love to tell you that and hold you in his arms and be proud to call you his own.”

After church I went to him and asked how he could be so sure that God loved me and the pastor looked into my eyes and said

“If God didn’t love you, He wouldn’t have made you and if God didn’t love you Jesus wouldn’t have died for you; He loves you more than there are stars in the sky he loves you more than there are grains of sand in the ocean.”

And ever since that day even if no one on this earth loves me I know I have a God that does <3.

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