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Is The Lord Telling Me and My Fiance That We Are For Each Other?

Before me and my fiancé got into a relationship we spent some time together and prayed to God to let us know if we are for each other. Because we were interested in each other and wanted to date with the intent for marriage. We both prayed and we both heard from the Lord to “be still”. We took that meaning that we could get into a relationship still and that in God’s timing he will answer us.

So we got into a relationship and a few months passes and my fiance’s best friend tells her that the Lord has been dropping things in her spirit about us. What God had told her was that he wants us to be married, there we got our answer. Eight months passes by and we were fighting and things were not looking good for us. We ended up breaking up and now she is not talking to me, things got so bad to the point that she told me she was done and moved on, this was three weeks after the break up.

I look back on this and see that when we both got into the relationship we went ahead of God, and on top of that both of us were not even whole in God. I went to this prophetic conference and the pastor their delivered a message to me from God. God said that he will take away some friendships and relationships, towards the end of the message God said that he will restore the elements of my family, even the relationships that I have and even all the pieces will be coming together. I took that part meaning God has taken away my relationship and friendships to reshape then bring them back in his timing. Because at the time of the message I was still with my fiance so the message said will reshape even the relationships that I have.

My question is that in the begining before me and my fiance got into a relationship why would the lord tell us to “be still” then a few months later say that we are to be married. We were not whole when we got into a relationship in the first place so why tell two people who are not whole in him that message that we are to be married. I’m not saying married right away just why would God reveal something like that to two people who are in a relationship that they are not suppose to be in because they are not ready and after God said to “be still” meaning dont get into the relationship.

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